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What are your guilty pleasures?


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I am addicted to the High School Musical movies. I have them all on DVD and could sing every word to every song on all three soundtracks. I felt so bad when Zac Efron was 17 and I was drooling over him....I don't feel so bad now that he's older. :lol:

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Okay, the big one... I am obsessed with bras and lingerie. Like I have so many bras. I generally don't tell people about this in real life. It's my thing though.

Pokemon... I still play those old games on my Gameboy laugh.png

Daxflame's videos on youtube. I still go back and watch those all the time. IDK why.

And speaking of Spongebob... my favorite episode was always the one where Spongebob and Patrick blew bubbles. "Hahahahahahaha, it's a giraffe!" That show was the BEST.

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