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AMC 3.17.11

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The little girl that plays Emma isn't the best actress but I like her anyway, there's just something about her.

So good to see Annie :wub:

Madison seems to have gotten over her Ryan crush and I already like her better.

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Yup, I'm loving Cara, too.

I was getting pissed off at Opal for thinking Krystal had the right to take Tad's daughters out of his house, especially since Kathy isn't even her biological child. I could see the Carey whores thinking that way, but not Opal!

I thought it was cool how Madison & Scott compared Ryan to JR.

I found it odd that Brot was there when Ryan & Greenlee went running off to the hotel and didn't bother to call for backup to follow them. That said, I can't wait for whatever Annie does tomorrow!

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Why was Tad flipping out at Krystal leaving with the girls? Didnt they talk about this the day of his wedding and he was fine with it?

Annie :wub: Im glad she was featured the entire episode. I was afraid she'd get like one segment.

Why the heck did Ryan bring Greenbitch with him? What an idiotic move. I also find it contrived how Annie keeps leaving her phone with Emma and not even checking th outgoing calls. Like really?


Madison and Scott are so cute together. He is adorable

I was with Krystal here. The girls should not be seperated. I think whereever Jenny goes, Kathy should as well. Krystal may not be her bio-mother but she's been the only mother she's had for the past 2 years. Tad didnt think this thing through. There are people out to kill Cara. What if they find her in PV and make their way to the home and the girls get hurt in an attempt to get Cara? I dont think its too safe to be in that house. Krystal would never keep the girls from Tad. He'd still see and be with them all the time. They'd just have their primary residence with her. I thought she made sense and brought up valid arguments

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She mentioned it on his wedding day but they didn't have a long talk and he didn't seem fine with it.

I still don't think Krystal had the right to tell Tad she was taking both his daughters away, even if Cara could potentially bring danger to the house. I still don't agree that Krystal has any right to take Kathy anywhere since Tad is her father and Krystal's just her stepmother. I'm just glad Cara seems to have talked her out of moving at all.

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    • It seriously seemed like Jordan/Ben/Clyde were going to be a Austin/Billie/Curtis redux under Tomlin, but Jordan/Ben/Clyde intentions changed each writer that followed. 
    • Ooof, definitely. DAYS was surprisingly strong from fall 2012-fall 2014. I mean, there were duds -- the Jordan story, early Abigail/Ben, the weird disregard for John, Dannifer -- but there was a lot of good stuff going on. The Brady/Kristen and Nick umbrella stories were highlights in particular. Then Sami and EJ left, and we were left with a huge focus on Serena and that damn elephant statue, plus more of Jordan's crew. Things didn't improve until Josh Griffith took over the following summer, and we all know how that turned out...
    • Linda Thorson (ex-OLTL, Emmerdale).   
    • The Portugal Tourism Board must have a deal with Bravo. How many trips there have these franchises done there? I feel like I’ve seen more than just Potomac and ATL. Kandi is turning UP. I love it. She’s bringing what she allegedly brought to Tamar.
    • wait, really? That's a pretty huge get (imo)! I thought she was pretty set w/ all those GAC movies. I always loved her/thought she was a very charismatic and great actress that managed to be sympathetic even when she was being the worst (lol) and it was such a boneheaded move that GH never locked her down before DAYS scooped her up. I personally thought it was a big loss for the show when she left. My interest is def. piqued. 
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