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OLTL: Could actor be returning?

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John Wesley Shipp


ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Evil Eddie may be dead, but as Llanview's latest Whodunit picks up speed, don't be surprised to see portrayer John Wesley Shippbring the Ford brothers' pop back to the screen. The actor revealed the news of his return in a Facebook posting on February 25, writing, "Thrill rides, today. Highlight: murder scenes under the -- I feel like saying "baton" -- of director Jill Mitwell. I know of no one who is willing to discuss scenes so thoroughly beforehand... other than this indefatigable, organic director. And within the constraints of the medium in which we were working! It was exciting, in that up to the 10th hour, I thought we might NOT pull it out this time. And -- relieving myself of responsibility for the end result or how it's received (for the moment lol) -- I am steeping in the afterglow of a successful, collaborative experience. When it all comes together, there is nothing like it. I've experienced this at peak moments working on Broadway, in primetime, on film, and today with the terrific cast and crew of One Life To Live."

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