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Something good for Soaps !!!

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Alan Greisman returns as producer in the updated version of the 1991 comedy, which chronicled the behind the scenes at a daytime soap.

Paramount is lathering up the suds for a remake of Soapdish.

Actor-writer Ben Schwartz has been hired to write the remake of the 1991 comedy, which told of the goings on behind the scenes at a daytime soap.

The original, produced by Aaron Spelling and Alan Greisman, included Sally Field, Robert Downey Jr., Teri Hatcher, Kevin Kline, and Whoopi Goldberg among others in its roll call.

Greisman is back in the saddle as producer along with Rob Reiner.

Schwartz is an interesting hybrid since actors, in most cases, turn to writing when their thespian careers are floundering. But Schwartz is successfully managing both.

He just booked a role in the Showtime pilot House of Lies, which will see him star opposite Don Cheadle. And he will be seen in the indie comedy Peep World with Michael C. Hall, Rainn Wilson and Sarah Silverman which opens March 25.

On the writing side, the man worked on Robot Chicken, and won an Emmy in 2009 for co-writing Hugh Jackman’s opening number for the 81st Academy Awards. He has also performed improv and sketches at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre since 2003, getting making his own break via his website RejectedJokes.com, which showcased his writing and short films.

He is repped by WME, Tom Sawyer Entertainment and Lev Ginsburg at Ginsburg Daniels.

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If you dig, I think you can find a thread about this remake here on SON from several months ago. The word back then was that it was going to have a latin telenovella spin this go round.

And I love Soapdish, we saw it in the theatre when I was in the 6th grade. :P The original is perfect in my eyes (you need to rent it EyeWitness!) and I'm afraid all of the jokes in the new one will be rehashed versions of the originals. And what a freaking great cast, everyone is pitch perfect. Of course she started out doing sitcoms, but this is Sally Field's She-Devil/Death Becomes Her (Meryl), just a brilliantly detailed neurotic comic turn.

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