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AMC: Monday, 1/24/2011

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Oh I'm sorry I thought that was Julie Craputhers and Lorraine Broderick. DK/DS are the ones that demolished most of the couples on this show.









I don't see eye to eye w/ you on alot of stuff, but this is clear as day. Especially since not one AMC actor has signed an extension. Not one.

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Aw that was nice of Damon/the writer's to remember how Angie helped him get things together in his life (by giving him the job @ the hospital). To bad they couldn't have a scene. LOL I remember when he used to call her "Dr. Hardass". He also used to call liza the "Dragon Lady". Wow he has come SUCH a long way, he used to just be this troubled little vampire kid with a huge chip on his shoulder! Now look at him! I am really going to miss Damon. Really, it was such a mistake to never bring Hillary into the mix of things at some point.

LOL at Opal talking to Tad, saying Liza was a "Ginger Haired devil".

LOVED David/Liza. Liza made me laugh at that last scene between them when she realized David heard everything she was saying while he was in his coma! I hope he doesn't use what she said against him. I actually believed him when he said he wouldn't. I really like David/Liza...

Marissa rolleyes.gifrolleyes.gifrolleyes.gif

GO Annie! This is not what I wanted for her, and I hate the way this S/L is going, but Annie is just amazing and i root for her no matter what ;D. Wonder what she'll do with those scissors? LOL

Another Valentine's day wedding for RyLee rolleyes.gif

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