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DOOL Feb 82 Summary

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Summary of DOD synopsis from March 16th 1982 issue.

Stuart demands that Alex say David shot him or he(Alex) will die!

Tony visits Alex in hospital and says he has taken Stuart's place in Salem and for now he is to go along with Stuart's plan.Anthony will sort things out when he visits his father in Rome.

Stephano's aide overhears Liz tell Don she wants a divorce because she wants children and he doesn't. The aide tells a tearful Liz she did well.She will live with anthony and have his children.This is Stephano's wish and must be obeyed or Don will be harmed-and Anthony must not know of this.

Liz later seduces Tony and he goes along with it. As Liz sleeps Tony writes a note saying that the lovemaking was wonderful but he knows Liz did it for a purpose and he wants to know why.

Stephano's aide is also in Tony's employ and is told to find out Liz's agenda.He suspects it was Stephano's idea and Liz went along out of fear. He also expresses a wish to return to Australia and see his mother. The aide reminds Tony that Stephano doesn't want contact between the two, but Tony refuses to obey his father on this matter.

Val asks for Neil's support about facing the hospital board over helping David.Stuart calls Neil and orders him to ruin Val as she is investigating deaths at the hospital(Stuart tried to kill Alex but another patient died by mistake)

As Renee was attacked again while David was jailed Roman agrees to tell the press he's no longer a suspect. He believes in David's innocence and feels Alex is hiding something. When he learns hit men are after david,Roman gives him a week to find them.

David secretly visits Scotty and takes him.leaving a note for Trish.Mike and Trish return and she is distraught that her son is missing.She goes to Val who says she doesn't know where David is but will find out.

Val finds David at the warehouse and he says he is protecting Scotty.Danny discovers them and agrees to help. Alone Val remembers the love she and David shared.He says he loves Trish now and she understands.

David gives her money to find Bart,the hitman who dated Renee.

Trish threatens Alex with a gun and says she has killed before. Alex admits he was forced to lie to protect Jesssica nad Marie.Trish phones Roman but when he arrives,Alex said he lied because Trish held a gun on him.

Roman faces Tom,Alice,Doug and Julie and tells them David escaped during an uproar at the jail. Only Alice isn't buying it.She talks to Val and says as she's known Roman all his life she knew he was lying.

In Rome,Stuart tells a furious Tony that Stephano has been lying to him about cleaning up his business.

Jessica feels Maggie should keep her child. Maggie visits her and tells Evan that as the adoptive parents don't seem interested,she will fight for her daughter. Evan says the father has visited several times.

On the strength of roman's bonds with the Hortons, Marlena agrees to date him and learns he lives with his parents,brothers and sisters.

Alice tells Mickey,Doug and Julie that Roman helped David escape- word spreads and Roman is suspended for 6 months.

When Scotty falls sick,David takes him to the Hortons and hides out there also. Trish visits and they kiss. David insists Trish allow Danny to help her search for his would be killers.

Roman learns that Bart is now a bookie and tells Trish ,who questions Neil.Curtis denies knowing of him but Trish thinks he's lying. David confronts him and pays him for information, Bart says that he was paid by an Englishman to murder David.He believes the man was a butler in Salem. David remembers an Englishman was seen entering Alex's roon when he was shot.

In Rome Stuart orders that man to get to David first and kill him,using Trish as bait.

Renee regains consciousness and indicates that David was not her assailant

Don questions Lee about the notorious Di Mera family but she won't reveal anything, Don is sure Lee and Liz are being threatened.

Stuart orders Alex to rekindle things with Mary. She's surprised but he explains that Marie has sexual hangups. Learning Anderson is nearly broke he advises a reluctant Mary to sell to Stuyart.Alex tells her he's leaving the plant and becoming hospital administrator and she should sell. Mary responds to Alex' kiss.

Marie is depressed by Alex's lack of intersest and gets a makeover.

The hortons farewell Hope,who leaves for school in new York.

Liz discovers that Neil left her under threat from Stuart.He says he's worried about her now she's involved with Tony but she tells him not to be. Don tells Liz he will be dating again.

Evan hires a lawyer- Gwen- to represent him in the custody case,He and Neil have to operate to save his daughter's life.

Abe has a new suspect in the strangling cases. Marlena and Val see that he was apatient of hers-Eugene. But Marlena is reluctant to let them know.

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So was Liz involved with Neil, then Don, then forced to be with Tony?

The show seemed to have a lot of big supervillains at this time forcing people into relationships. I guess only one stood the test of time.

It must have been strange for viewers to see a recast David and Val talking about their history. I guess this was her only story? Did Stuart manage to ruin her?

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When Pat Falken Smith took over,she turned the resident sinister powerful man in town - Stuart-into an associate of the new villian-Stefano. Once Joe Mascolo was cast,Stuart was phased out quickly.Liz became Tony's ex wife, Lee his ex mistress and Renee his daughter.

it was a successful revamp that quickly integrated the Di Mera's. Unfortunately,Smith left after a few months and not many of her original plans were followed through.

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Here's the daily set listings for February 1982, to add some extra info to the above.

2/1/82: Body Connection Exercise Area, DiMera Living Room & Library, Twilight Bar, Hospital Coffee Shop, Trish’s Apartment, Corridor Outside Apartment in Trish’s Building.

2/2/82: Body Connection Exercise & Eating Areas, Don’s Office, Marlena’s Office, Alex’s Apartment, DiMera Living Room.

2/3/82: Twilight Bar, Doug’s Place Gambling Area, Nurses’ Station & Lounge (Lobby), Hospital Coffee Shop, Neil’s Office.

2/4/82: Nurses’ Station Lobby & 7th Floor, Evan’s Office, Marlena’s Office, Mickey’s Office, Hospital Coffee Shop, Don’s Office Phone (Limbo).

2/5/82: Nurses’ Station & Lounge: Lobby & 7th Floor, Marlena’s Office, Hospital Boardroom, Penthouse, Doug’s Place Gambling & Entertainment Areas, Abe’s Hospital Room, Neil’s Office Phone (Limbo).

2/8/82: Mickey & Maggie’s Kitchen, Tony’s Living Room, Marlena’s Office, Nurses’ Station 7th Floor, Abe & Roman’s Office, Penthouse.

2/9/82: Doug’s Place Entertainment Area, DiMera Living Room, Marlena’s Office, Hospital Coffee Shop, Interrogation Room & Corridor in Jail, Salem Inn Dining Room.

2/10/82: DiMera Living Room, Twilight Bar, Dining Room of Country Inn, Hospital Staff Lounge, Joshua’s Car (with Chromakey).

2/11/82: Penthouse, Neil’s Townhouse, Marlena’s Apartment, Nurses’ Station & Staff Lounge 10th Floor, Hospital Boardroom, Interrogation Room & Corridor, Lee’s Bedroom Phone (Limbo).

2/12/82: Marlena’s Apartment, Judge Klein’s Chambers, Horton Living Room & Ext., Joshua’s Car in motion (night), Mary’s Lakehouse, Amusement Arcade, Jessica’s Bedroom (Limbo).

2/15/82: Casino Gambling & Entertainment Areas, Tony’s Living Room, Body Connection Exercise Area, Marlena’s Office, Abe’s Hospital Room, Hospital Coffee Shop.

2/16/82: David’s New Apartment, Horton Living Room, Dress Shop Corridor & Dressing Room, Tony’s Living Room, Twilight Bar, Lakehouse, Tony & Liz’s Bed (Limbo).

2/17/82: Doug’s Place Entertainment Area, DiMera Front Porch, DiMera Living Room, Renee’s Bedroom at DiMera Mansion, Twilight Bar, Penthouse.

2/18/82: Nurses’ Station Lobby, Staff Lounge 9th Floor, Nurses’ Station 10th Floor, Hospital Coffee Shop, Abe’s Hospital Room, Judge Klein’s Office.

2/19/82: Body Connection Exercise Area, Body Connection Hot Tub, DiMera Living Room, Renee’s Bedroom, Abe & Roman’s Office, Nurses’ Station Lobby, Nurses’ Station 7th Floor, Fitting Room, Marlena’s Office Phone (Limbo).

2/22/82: Body Connection Hot Tub, Twilight Bar, Casino Entertainment Area, Horton Living Room.

2/23/82: Nurses’ Station Lobby & 10th Floor, Staff Lounge 10th Floor, DiMera Study & Entry Hall, Doug’s Place Entertainment Area, Shenanigans (formerly Twilight Bar).

2/24/82: Doug’s Casino Entertainment Area, Shenanigans’ Basement, Marlena;s Office, Abe & Roman’s Office, Renee’s Bedroom at DiMera Mansion, DiMera Study & Front Door.

2/25/82: David’s Apartment, Renee’s Bedroom, Marlena’s Office, Nurses’ Station 7th Floor, Shenanigans, Hospital Coffee Shop, Doug & Julie’s Bed (Limbo).

2/26/82: Marlena’s Apartment, Tony’s Living Room, Shenanigans, Horton Living Room, Ext. Location (27 scenes).

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Stuart's last episode was 1/29/82.

Evan's last episode was 9/22/82.

Stuart's last episode:

1/29/82: Casino Entertainment & Gambling Areas, Marlena’s Apartment, Don’s Bedroom, Hospital Nursery, Nurses’ Station & Staff Lounge, Roman’s Bedroom (Limbo).

Evan dies in operating room:

9/22/82: David’s Apartment, Casino Entertainment Area, Operating Room, Nurses’ Station & Staff Lounge: 9th Floor, Riverfront Diner.

Yes, VERY quickly. Joe Mascolo debuted as Stefano on 1/18/82. Stuart only aired once after that, 1/29/82.

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I loved the Liz-Neil-Don-Marie-Alex-Tony roundelay. Throw in Ann-Marie Martin's Gwen, I thought she was great, too. Falken-Smith really revitalized the show. I just wish subsequent writers had followed through on her vision of Stephano being obsessed with Julie (not Marlena). I think the next 25 years would have been very different in Salem!

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Thanks for the corrections about Evan and Stuart. I guess it shows how writing and the proper part are key. Lane Davies has been on three soaps but the only one he ever seemed to click on was Santa Barbara. When you were watching at the time did you care for him?

I wish DAYS could bring Alex back, along with Marie, while Maree and Quinn are still acting. I think there's good story to still be mined. I know he acted with Launa Sanders, but Maree's a good actress. Although I'm sure Launa is too -- I haven't watched a lot of her work as Marie.

It's interesting when I read some of the old Digests and see that he was involved with Deirdre Hall for a while. Didn't someone say they hinted at pairing them up on the show.

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I thought Lanna was terrific as Marie.She managed to make whatever was thrown at her work-and there was alot.Leaving the convent,re-uniting with her daughter,dealing with the constant rewrites of the Alex character,the romance with Neil etc.

I think I read that Lanna was in early stages of MS when she left the show.

I know it has been posted before but some of Smith's plans included

Stefano's obsession with Julie would lead to a fake break up by Doug and Julie in order to uncover Stefano's schemes.That would lead to many romantic ,secret meetings between Doug and Julie.

More Di Mera siblings,including a sister,Vanessa,who would become involved with Mike.

A teen romance between Melissa and Marcus Brady

The return of Ed Mallory as Bill.

Smith hated the Maggie surrogacy story.

Abe and Val romance

It looked as if Days would be a fast paced romantic show with a touch of mystery and a definite honouring of the past..

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