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Okay so i have a little situation, but i'm kind of confused by it, so hopefully ppl can give me advice.

In september I went out to the clubs for my friends boyfriend's b-day, we all work at the same place (a call centre) and he brough one of his co-workers, who I had always thought was gorgeous, we ended up hitting it off and hanging out all night, in fact he invited me over tohis apartment after the clubs closed that night (nothing happened, we didn't even kiss) but i really enjoyed meeting him and i got the vibe that he enjoyed my company too.

Over the next couple of weeks when i would see him, I would say hi and I even invited him out for couple of drinks with myself and friends one night. We were firendly, but didn't really hangout or anything i txt msged him a few times and phoned to say hi, but nothing really exciting happened.

About a month later, i applied for a promotion and got it, and he actually became my direct superior, there was a lot of flirting I would phone him and invite him out a lot and just by the way he was acting I thought he liked me too.

During the time i was wokring underhim i had a situation that caused me to have to go the the hospital immediately, and he offered to drive me. and he was being really nice that day.

I found out after a while from some ppl at work that he had a girl friend,so i backed off, but then he never brought his gf anywhere and she just kind of popped up out of no where so i thought that he was just bs-ing about a gf. So when i thought his gf was fake i invited him and couple of other guys to the strip vlub after work one day, we were having aa good time until he started talking about the types of girl he likes and he described my best friend (who happened to join us). So becasue he knew i liked him and he did that, i thought he was being really rude, so i threw a drink on his $1500 jacket and quit my job, after i quit he didn't want me to quit, so he phoned me to try and get me to resind and then he also phoned my two best friends to try and get them to convince me to resind. I didn't resind. again I thought that was him being really nice.

After a few days i felt bad about throwing a drink on his $1500 jacket so i sent hima $30 money order and a business card holder with his intials engraved on it to apologize/pay to get his jacket dry cleaned. I was upset because i expected him to phone and say thx for the gift, but he didn't.

On new years eve i was having a party at my paartment, so i sen tout a mss txt msg to everyone in my phone book, I sent him one totally expecting him to not come, turns out that he came and he brought his gf and a couple of friends. So i was kind of upset that he brought his gf, and a little mind boggled that his gf would be okay with coming to my apartment. It turns out that his gf is a 17yr old still in high school and an absolute twinky type of girl. he barely paid attention to her when they were here and just didn't seem like they were actually a couple. To me it just seems like he is with her becasue she's a good looking piece of ass, he doesn't brign her to any work functions or anything.

I guess what it comes down to is he's the type of guy who can be an absolute prick but deep down is a super nice guy, I've seen him b a really nice guy and thats the part i'm attracted too. I guess what i'm wanting to hear opnions about is whether or not i should keep in touch with him in hopes that maybe once he breaks it off with his gf that i would be able to get to know him better.

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