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Big Brother 11: Discussion Thread


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Oh Jeff, putting up Russell was a huge mistake. He should've stuck to the original plan. Now he's going to have 3 people go after Thursday. Dumb move!

I agree. What was he thinking? The only hope is that Jordan wins HOH. Well if Jeff doesn't win the whole thing, you know America is going to give him that constellation prize that they've been giving the past 2 seasons.

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Yay, Jordan!!!!! I'm so happy she won and after winning the final two comps, she totally deserved to win over Natalie! If Jeff goes out with Jordan outside the house, he's going to be one lucky guy. Jordan is sexy, kind, sweet, funny, loyal......all great qualities a guy can ask for! LOL And Jordan goes to show that you don't have to be sickly thin to be sexy - Jordan had all the right curves in all the right places. :D

I found it funny that Natalie was all loyal to Jessie, couldn't say a bad thing about him, and cried over him when he left.......and in the end, Jessie voted for Jordan! LMAO!! Sucker!!! :lol:

I also would've been happy if Kevin won the game. He won many comps, he made a lot of comments that made me laugh and made a lot of sense in the game.

Anyway, I'm so glad this season ended with a winner who I was rooting for since the beginning. So that makes it two years in a row now that I've been pretty happy at how the season ended. :)

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Yes, I'm happy that Jordan won too! I was reading an EW.com article and the author had this to say about Gnatalie. It's so true:

Never has someone's image of themselves been so inversely proportional to their actual skill set.

Glad Jeff won 10K. Now I want to see Jordan and Jeff on the Amazing Race!

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