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The Suds Report: June 19, 2009

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I guess i just always figured thats where it go.

Rafe came out; He was friends with Adam who is plotting; Adam egts busted by Rafe; Adam uses sex to keep rafe quiet.

IDK, it just seemed obvious to me, and not in a bad way mind you.

And we have yet to find out if there is little depth or follow through! LOL! I am willing to give it a chance. BLIND FAITH! Thats my new trend for the moment, with all soaps!

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Adam and Rafe have sex, I thought the rumor was just a kiss and pretending he has feelings for him?

I wonder if Adam will be using him or will be be bisexual or come out, not that it matters, just wondering which is it, I bet he is using him but I wonder if he develops any other feelings?

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