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Canada cancels OLTL

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Some of you may have seen the DC report on this.

Many Canadian commenters on this item say "no big deal--we get the US networks".

While that is true, it has several interesting implications. First, OLTL has fallen below the profitability/demographic threshold for CTV. Second, ABC/Disney loses some extra international licensing fees for OLTL (while it will continue to draw them for AMC/GH).

Every little thing counts in this fragile economy for soaps. Could the loss of Canadian revenue be the thing that helps make OLTL the first on the road to cancellation? The three ABC soaps are pretty much neck-in-neck now...so I wonder if a little thing like Canadian license fees will help to determine which is the first to go?

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Do you know ratings? When I was a kid, AMC got Canada-wide distribution on CBC...leading me to think it might have built up a fairly substantial national base. Back then (70s, early 80s) OLTL showed only on select stations, like Toronto/Hamilton's CHCH TV 11.

So, I'm thinking AMC might get better ratings, both because of its longer national reach and its closer proximity to the lunch hour.

The only Canadian ratings I have ever seen are those ones Toups has pointed us to, which show that Y&R is consistently in the top 20 of ALL shows (primetime, daytime, etc.)

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