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Outstanding Drama Series & Outstanding Writing/Directing Team


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God, as a B&B Fan(in file, since I've given it up recently), I was SO excited to see the win for Drama Series. And then they fly a plane over the big moment to plug American Airlines and two minutes of credits?!

What the hell!

I thought this was one of the best telecasts this decade(in terms of the graphics and packaging, etc), but the production company really needed to work out their time management issues.

I am still pissed that we didn't get a Brad Bell speech. We watch to see speeches, not horrible fashion show ripoffs and Vanessa Williams singing more than the one song.

I want this production company to do it again(White Cherry still blows), but they have to work out the timing and push more of those awards to the crafts ceremony. Especially the ones where they know no one will fly from NY to attend.

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They should always strive for the show to end 5 minutes before going off, that way they at least have some time for the Best drama speech. And you're suppose to have someone timing everything to see if the time is on track. If it's not, you have to cut stuff out....like Dr. Phil and his wife talking before B&B's reel (it should've been, "Here's the B&B clip!" and that's it).....or Vanessa's second song.

And the Buzz Aldren thing....what was that about? That was another 1-2 minutes.

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I think they should have cut the second Vanessa Williams song. There aren't really any unimportant categories they could have moved to another day, and the presentation of the categories was already bare-bones "here are the nominees" with no clips or intros after awhile. Overall I was happy that there even *was* an awards show.

I am fine with B&B winning, given the competition, since I don't watch any of the three shows so can't judge them. Its montage looked like the best -- good mix of action, romance/sex, glamor, and drama.

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Given the poor storytelling decisions on B&B I'm glad Bradley or Kay Alden didn't get to make a speech onair. That was the funniest part of the show.

Somewhere Dick Clark is probably thinking, "See what happens when I don't produce this damn show!"

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