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Have the montages been discussed yet (I didn't see much in the live posting thread...)!?

DAYS was horrible. It was nothing more than soft porn. The music, the editing, the feautured scenes - ugh.

AMC was ok and actually feautured their tornado stunt (unlike B&B who left out their Emmy reel completely...) but didn't do itself any favors with showing how awful their directing is and Jesse's CGI helicopter jump.

B&B showed lots of 2009 moments (and little of the 2008) but the music, editing and feautured scenes were great. Classic B&B feel - there was everything: fashion, over-the-top antics (Stephers and the gun, the slapping), sexy romancing and a lush feel with the fade-out of the Malibu location shoot. Compared with the other show clips it was just "look at us, what production values we can still afford"

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