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Y&R: Week of April 13, 2009

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So now we have Nick involved with 2 mentally unbalanced women.They would have to be to not kick him to the kerb.

For once,it would be good for both Sharon and Phyllis to show Nick the door and tell him to grow up.

Then we move on to the Kevin story.I just find it off putting to see.

Amber is an idiot and the rest of the clan are testing my last nerve.Lauren deserves better.

I thought last week was pretty boring.Hope things pick up.

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I don't care what she does, just as long as it is reckless and C-R-A-Z-Y!

Either scenario, or both works for me :D

I like the idea someone had of Phyllis using Summer as a "talk-to" to formulate her devious plans with. That would be awesome.

I mean I am enjoying it, but what is with Maria Arena Bell and mental illness? We have Kevin, Sharon, Phyllis, Chloe (potentially) Mary Jane (potentially) Ashley potentially about to be gaslighted.... LOL

Genoa City needs a top notch shrink and pronto! Something is in the water!

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But while many of you sing praises of crazy Phyllis, and I will enjoy that too...

... I tend to like shows that allow for character development...not folks stuck in ruts..

...I tend to like my solid, exciting performers (like Stafford) not pushed into unredeemable corners...

And so I watch this all with trepidation.

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