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Who is the most recasted Character on Soaps?

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Tom Hughes was recast like 9 or 10 times.

The all-time was probably Jo's daughter Patti on Search For Tomorrow, who was played by way too many actresses to count, with brief stints from everyone from Nancy Pinkerton to Tina Sloan.

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Mike Horton & Tom Hughes both suffered from the same thing.

Fast aging up then aging back down. Tom's age by the end of the 70's was going on up with actors like Tom Tammi hired to play him and then they brought his age back down a little when they finally hired Scott Holmes to play him. But at least Tom wasn't treated like Mike who was deaged way too much.

Mike horton should be old enough to be Carrie's father and not her lover.

I've been working on All My Children's Comprehensive Cast list for my site and I can give some info on some of them over there.

6 Actors Already:







Jeff (done without any child actors - all played him as an adult)

7 Actors Already:


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Recasts totals can be skewered if child actors are included.Some of these might only have been seen for a few appearances.

I am including actors ages where possible to give an idea of how the character was aged

As far as Tom Hughes is concerned,I think the child actors were featured fairly frequently.Tom was born in 61,so there would have been babies playing the part 61-63

James Madden 63

Jerry Schaffer 64

Frankie Michaels 64-66 Actor was 9 in 1964

Richard Thomas 66-67 Actor was 15/16 years old at the time

Paul O'Keefe 67-68 Actor was 16/17 at that time

Peter Galman 69-73 Actor was 24 in 1969

C David Colson 74-78 Actor was 33 in 1974

Tom Tammi 79-80

Justin Deas 81-84

Jason Kincaid 84

Gregg Marx 84-87

Scott Holmes 87-

Total 12

Jamie Frame

Born in 1969

Seth Holzlein 1970

Aiden McNulty 72

Tyler Mead 72

Brad Bedford 72-73

Bobby Doran 73-78 Actor was 14 in 73

Tim Holcomb 78-79

Richard Bekins 79-82 Actor was 25 in 79

Stephen Yates 83-85

Laurence Lau 86-90

Russell Todd 90-93

Total 10

Patti Tate

Lynn Loring 51-61 Actress played the role aged 6-16

Nancy Pinkerton 61

Abigail Kellogg 61-64

Patricia Harty 64-65 Actress was 23 in 64

Gretchen Walther 65 Actress was 27 in 65

Melissa Murphy 65-66

Trish Vandevere 67 Actress was 25 in 67

Melinda Plank 67-69 Actress was 25 in 67

Leigh Lassen 69-75

Tina Sloan 76-77 Actress was 33 in 76

Jacqueline Shultz

Total 11

Mike Powers The Doctors

Rex Thompson 64-66 Actor was 22 in 64

Harry Packwood 66

Robert LaTourneaux 67

Peter Burnell 68-74 Actor was 24 in 68

Michael Landrum 74-75

Armand Assante 75-77 Actor was 26 in 75

John Shearin 77-79

James Storm 79-81 Actor was 36 in 79

Ashby Adams 81-82

Stephen Burleigh 82 actor was 33 in 82

Total 10

Mike Horton

Kyle Puerner 1968 - 1969

Wade Holdsworth 1969

Craig Bond 1969

Brian Andrews 1970

Bobby Eilbacher 1970 Was 7 in 70

Eddie Rayden 1970

Alan Decker 1970 - 1971 Was 9 in 70

John Amour 1971 - 1973 Was 12 in71

Dick DeCoit 1973

Stuart Lee 1973

Wesley Eure 1974 - 1981 Was 23 in 74

Paul Coufus 1981 -1982

Michael T. Weiss 1985 - 1990 Was 23 in 85

Roark Critchlow 1994 - 1999 Was 31 in 94

Total 14

Kevin Buchanan

Morgan K. Melis 1976 to 1981

Chris Cunningham 1981- 1982

Ryan Janis 1982 -1990 Actor was 6 in 82

Matthew Vipond 1990-1991

Joey Thrower 1991-1992 Actor was 23 in 91

Kirk Geiger 1992-1994 Actor was 23 in 92

Jack Armstrong 1994-1995 Actor was 36 in 94

Ken Kenitzer 1995

Kevin Stapleton 1996 to 1998 Actor was 33 in 96

Timothy Gibbs 1998 -2001 actor was 31 in 98

Dan Gauthier 2003- 2006 Actor was 40 in 03

Total 11

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Damn. WHY do they feel the need to screw around with ages so much? Not only does it screw up the character's history, but also their friends and family's too. ATWT's aging of Dan Stewart took Ellen out of the Penny/Bob/etc age group and put her in the Nancy age group. They basically ripped away any storyline potential that she could have had in the late 60s, 70s, 80s, and early 90s.

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And it is confusing when they show flashbacks like the other week on Y&R when they showed Victor and Nikki with baby Nick.Im sure the scene was from circa 1989 but now that Nick is around 32 was that flashback supposed to take place in the 70's? Did Victor and Nikki meet in the 80's or the 70's now? This makes my head hurt lol.

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