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B&B: Week of March 9th-13th

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Honestly....if Rick was taking up that many parking spots, any of the employees could've wanted to blow his a** up, lol. And the explosion did look pretty good. Ridge just standing there was great, this is one of the few stories where I can actually stomach his smugness.

I really hope Pam wasn't involved, she'd be locked up for a while. Did anyone notice they showed Donna when Brooke asked who killed Rick...? Seems pretty random.

Think I mentioned before, I really like AJ with longer hair. She NEEDS to hire Owen at JackieM to keep her and Nick apart.

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This is true, Rick's flagrant parking warrants murder by a litany of employees. I kinda wonder if Jake Maclain is somehow involved? He is always around when sh*t goes down!

Totally agree about Owen and Jackie M...he definitely needs to head over there...Jack Wagner sucks, anyone who can cut into his airtime is welcome by me with open arms!

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Nick Marone is played out. Sigh. I was once a Nick fan back in the day! But that was before WTD and all the musical beds.

I honestly do not think Nick is needed. Owen and Rick and You-Know-Who'll-Be-Coming will be carrying some of the Hunky Shirtless Male load. Heck, if Ronn Moss wanted to take an extended vacation, that would be ok by me, too.

And I'm glad Rick survived! :P Although it feels like just yesterday we had a whodunnit.

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LOL my thoughts exactly on the parking job.

Yesterday made me giggle a lot. I don't think it was suppose to make me laugh, but it did. I liked it, but it was a big fat campy mess of laughs.

And what's up with the 3 african americans in the same scenes for like a week? I love that we don't see Marcus or the Keystone Cops for months, and they spend most of last week and this week in scenes together.

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That note is too cheesey. And I feel like that's how Pam would write naturally, lol. And the detectives acting like it was stupid that Owen didn't know letters cut from a surfing magazine....I've taken a test online where there's a cut-out letter from popular brands that you see everyday, and it's still hard to figure out where the letter came from.

These "stop seeing Rick" conversations are so tiresome. It's the same thing over and over.

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Poor Pam indeed! Alley Mills was very, very good today, as was Susan Flannery.

I still like Marcus and Steffy...Steffy and Rick make me want to hurl...

Rick is SUCH A BASTARD! This storyline is making me love Ron Moss and his smug portrayal of Ridge...he's the only who gets under Rick's skin.

Brooke, Donna and Katie are all morons!

Where is Jackie M!?!

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Okay, this is OT, but Roger Newcomb just posted this TMZ excerpt:

This is on the heels of myriad personal upheavals in the past two decades:

- the Spelling lawsuit

- going to India to film that movie and getting "possessed by the devil" (i.e., having an affair)

- becoming born again (which is not per se a sign of upheaval, but it was a reaction to the "devil possession" above)

- filing for divorce from Michael Tylo, re-uniting, and eventually breaking up again

- known problems with her son Mickey, and then his tragic death

- seeking family counseling for psychogenic epilepsy...it seems it was not psychogenic

- public romance and breakup with Lorenzo Lamas

- battle with Kimberlin Brown

- daughter's retinoblastoma

- at least two character deaths for Taylor (meaning stints of unemployment)

- face work (and chest work) that are widely viewed as "botched"

- now this abusive boyfriend...does the subtext of this quote suggest she is reuniting with him?

Am I missing any?

My point with this is this: Is it any wonder that Taylor has lost almost all of her rooting value? The actress, it seems to me, is bringing her personal chaos to the office...and it shows on screen.

I honestly feel Taylor must go. I will miss what she once was (the voice of reason...and gorgeous)...but not what she has become.

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    • What's truly Kafkaesque is how deluded he seems about himself and his views, and how when challenged to drill down in what he's actually saying about 'truth' and 'moderation' he just cycles back around to doublespeak. What he means is his desire to espouse conservative Republican views, but as someone who spent years working for Colbert and probably considers himself a liberal he can't fully admit that to himself or the entire game collapses. Same with his dancing around the topics of trans rights and his strange COVID beliefs - he doesn't want to fully articulate what he is trying to say. That would ruin things and make him realize he's just mouthing more of the same right-wing apologia as Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle. Say what one will about the awful Zaslav and his sweater vests but at least he seems to know who he is. Licht is willfully clueless. And there were many valid reasons to fire Don Lemon, but being one of few prominent and outspoken gay and Black voices in media who could speak to what Trump and his kind are actually doing to people like him on-camera was not one of them.
    • Who wrote the dialogue for Todays show? "I remember everything about you and especially your mouth and the way you know how to use it" My skin is still crawling from seeing Cameron put his disgusting hand on Sharon’s face,
    • @Vee That makes me laugh. The part where Licht bitches about Don Lemon's clothing is very Succession (the Tom character), and I can picture that dinner party from hell too. Zucker, odious as he was, did seem to know how to grease palms. Licht just seems to be there to turn the network into right wing gruel, and still can't even do that as successfully as intended. I read that some other Zaslav flunky has been assigned to CNN now alongside Licht. 
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    • Check out the 2004 montly clips folders. I think someone simply put everything in the appropriate month. I had created a folder with clips of Michael/Lauren from 2004 a while back which I also thought were deleted but they were just moved in the month they are from.
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