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All Soaps: SOD [3/10 Issue]

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I bet the peeps at SOD were really proud of themselves for getting 3 Carly's on the cover, but I think getting all 4 would have been more impressive, lol:


This GL ad is in SOD. I like it better than the last GL ad:




- DAYS's Melvin: Why I Quit

- Hot Casting Buzz

AMC's Kaye: Reportedly stalled talks. Castmate, "I know they'll do everything they can to keep him."

B&B is trying to bring back Joanna Johnson as Karen, briefly. "They're trying to work things out with her schedule."

OLTL's web rumor about Erika Slezak being cut: Slezak, "They're focusing on other stories right now. And that's all I can really say." BethAnn Bonner (Talia) is out. SOD hears that Kamar (Antonio) may make a brief return to coincide with that. Timothy Stickney (RJ) returns in the spring.

- Kay and Esther In Danger on Y&R

- David and Krystal Wed on AMC

- ATWT: Carly Sleeps With Craig

- DAYS: Sami and Rafe Kiss!

- B&B's Rick and Steffy Have Sex

- GL: Mallet's Baby Surprise

- OLTL: Blair Is Stabbed


AMC: Reese is Blind!

ATWT: Dusty Kisses Meg

GL: Buzz and Alan Go Down

OLTL: Cole and Matthew Crash

Editors' Choice: Cold, Hard Truths - Y&R

POTW: Bruce Weitz - GH

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Is it just me or is that Erika Slezak quote not very reassuring?

I loved Caroline Spencer. Never cared about Karen because the show never gave a reason. If she's coming back for some Ridge filler, what a waste.

I presume they're not going to be the new Otalia...that would be quite a sweeps storyline though :o

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Phew! :P

I thought this might be a plane crash story. Hopefully this chest pain incident will remind them they're too old to be feuding.

I hope they won't put Olivia and Phillip together again, their relationship was one of the main reasons he went crazy. I do like seeing them clash, and then deep down they'll probably both do what is best for Emma. The little girl who plays Emma is such a charming young actress, like Hayden Panitierre was back as young Lizzie, so Grant Aleksander should work well with her.

That cover chose some odd photos. The ones who look best are Laura Wright and Sarah Brown.

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