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AMC : Wednesday, February 18th

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I don't like how Erica put most of the blame on what has happened between Zach and Reese on Reese. I think that Bianca is doing the same thing today. IMO, Zach is mostly responsible for the kiss, he was the one that intiated it, and Reese was drunk when he kissed her. I have a feeling that Reese is going to be made the scapegoat in some ways in this storyline and I don't like that.

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I'm loving Bianca (especially), Kendall, and Erica today.

I wanted to beat Erica with her hair flip during her scenes with Kendall. Blame it all on the women, I loved Kendall looking at her like she had two heads when she was doing that. But Erica redeemed herself when she told off Zachey Soprano.

Eeee, Bianca telling Reese off. Are you responsible for anything in your life? Hee, so true. I liked Bianca again, today. It's been a long time. I wish she could dump and tell off the confused lesbian every day.

A Rylee montage, must we always suffer for Fron's first love? LOL, Budig looked pretty in it though.

Another half hour to go.

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