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November Sweeps: Rank 'Em!

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I'll be fair, I only watched Y&R and OLTL and IMO both were excellent.

The Young & the Restless

-Just an awesome month of soap opera. MAB, Hogan, and Raunch were SUPERB. I don't know if the holy spirit of William J. Bell came over them, but they delivered in SPADES. From the writing, directing, to production, just flawless. The cast was enriched with history and many old favoruites. Who thought that we would ever see Dina, Brock, Liz, AND Nina again with all these backstage regimes. I've said before that I haven't been this happy with the show since Jack Smith came on board in 2003, and I am. Let's hope that it doesn't end the same way. Also, special kudos to Jeanne Cooper who was undoubtedly the MVP of November. She seamlessly transitioned between Marge and Katherine, and never missed a beat. Also, the supporting cast, mainly Kate Linder proved just how great they can be. And now, this Thanksgiving episode was probably one of the best we've had in YEARS. Once again, November has been magical for Y&R!

One Life to Live

Controversial storyline = SPLENDID results. Susan Haskell was AMAZING as she confronted Todd for what he did to her. And then the culmination of Starr's pregnancy led to some great performances. I was impressed by Ron in November, like I was with him this time last year. The only down spot was Bree Williamson as Bess, and the stupid rhyming names (I hate that he's playing it as a mockery in that sense. Not clever just lazy.) OLTL rebounded in a BIG way for November, and for once the writing, acting, and production was on cue.

So for me, OLTL and Y&R were HANDS DOWN the best soaps. PERIOD!

Your thoughts?

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Y&R gets the crown for the Best Show of the 2008 November Sweeps. Great storylines for Kay/Marge/Victor, absolutely priceless.

Honorable Mentions: GL (Reva's pregnancy, Bill/Lizzie); DAYS (Nicole's miscarriage); GH (Patrick & Robin's wedding); OLTL (Todd/Marty's sick story but very well acted, Jess/Tess's meltdown).

Better Luck Next Time: AMC (should've moved the Tornado storyline in November, this forever annoying Annie/Ryan/Greenlee storyline makes me cringe, Jake/Taylor pairing is forced and boring); B&B (Ridge & Brooke's Number 5,499..thanks but no thanks); ATWT (too many storylines going too fast which I couldn't keep up or come up with anything that sticks out).

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Compelling and must see. Hardhitting with amazing acting from Susan Haskell- people are saying she will not win the supporting actress emmy, I will bet $50.00 that she wins. Even over Gloria on Y&R!

As pissed off as I am about Andrea Evans leaving, they gave her an AMAZING send off yesterday. I have not taped a soap episode in over 12 years, I taped the episode off Soapnet last night. It was that good. And it also looked beautiful.

And yes, Vanessa is a dud, Michael Easton is a huge waste of money, and the show's opening theme and graphics are cheap trash.


Just brilliant old fashioned soap opera. Nearly perfect despite some drag days. But Y&R was always slow and that's why I love it.

It was like watching episodes in the late 80's. The show looks better than ever.

Melody Thomas Scott was never better. Eric Braeden was better than ever.

I am LOVING her and Paul already!

Ashley's back.

The Paris remote was visually amazing.

And the Marge/Katherine storyline is just the best storyline going right now on daytime. Its classic Y&R.

The RETURN OF CLASSIC Y&R musical scores!

B&B is the only other show I still watch because its on after Y&R- I would place it second to last before GL. Pretty bad acting. Incredibly boring storylines. Ridge and Brooke redux again. The show showed some life yesterday with Stephanie messing with whatshername in the tub! I will watch Susan Flannery read coupons. She elevates every scene. B&B used to be so bad its good. Now its so bad, its BAD.

GL is just so ugly to look at that I don't know how the fans have hung in there (who still watch it)

As far as Days, ATWT, AMC, and GH. I have no idea. ATWT I have never watched in my life.

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OLTL A+: There was a huge climax after months and months of build up. Marty finally found out about Todd, and there was a baby switch.

Y&R A+: Wonderful use of veterans. It feels like Y&R again. Katherine's "death" has provided many great episodes. The return of the Abbotts into the forefront of the show. Victor vs Jack/Adam. Scheming Phyllis is back and she's fun to watch again.

These two were the real standouts. Bravo to both shows!

Nothing really outstanding happened on the rest.






Yes, I watch 7 of 8 soaps. LOL

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I personally think Pratt did the right thing by having the tornado in October, because frankly the fallout has been fr more entertaining than the actual tornado its self. If the tornado had have happened during sweeps it almost would have cheapened it down to the classic sweeps stunt. The event was just merely used as a catlyst to really push Pratt's agenda forward. His first 6 weeks was build up, setting up characters then bam. The fallout while sometimes could hve been written better has been entertaining and that's all I ask for.

So AMC gets a strong A from me, because for me I am more into this show than I have been since probbly 2004.

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Y&R - The show had an amazing month. The writing, production and direction have really come a long way. The characters are acting like themselves again. I don't feel like we're watching robots anymore. Everyone seems to have a brain and a reason to do the things they do. It's no longer random like it was under LML. Katherine's funeral was the best event of the year if you ask me. All of those returns, I never thought I'd see any of them. It seems like TPTB at Y&R actually wanted to give the fans what they wanted. And that's not something you see in daytime anymore. I give Y&R an A.

OLTL - The Todd and Marty reveal was everything I wanted it to be. Trevor St. John and Susan Haskell nailed those scenes. It was a huge payoff for me. The storyline is controversial and feels like what soap operas used to be about, pushing the envelope. Making people talk and that's certainly what we did. We talked about it. It didn't matter what side you were on. You picked a side that you believed in and you defended it to the fullest. I just loved how all of the stories came together for November. I feel like all of the stories are connected in many ways. That's how you write a sweeps month. Ron Carlivati does an awesome job at bringing all of the stories together and it makes for great sweeps. I give OLTL an A.

DAYS - Not much to say about the show. I watched. Nothing was really great, but nothing sucked either. It was just blah. Trent's murder mystery was finally revealed, and although it was exciting and brought some great material for Blake Berris, Molly Burnett and Suzanne Rogers, it totally ruined Nick's character and now he's being written off the show. I give DAYS a C.

B&B, AMC and GH just sucked and didn't catch my attention at all. I give all three shows an F.

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