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Y&R: Casting/Storyline Spoilers

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Got this from Toni site.

Amber's mother (who will be portrayed by the same actress who played her mother on B&B) will be heading to GC with Amber's twin(Amber has a twin?)with the purpose of getting their hands on Amber's money.

The show is also casting a friend of Chloe's.


Brad and Phyllis join forces to break up Jack and Sharon's marriage so that Brad can have her and keep her away from Nick.

Nick realizes what Phyllis has been hiding

Katherine may be returning sooner than expected and there will be consequences for many characters because of the way they behaved when they thought she was "dead" particularly Jill.

There is a RUMOR that Y&R is planning to bring back Drucilla. But the show is not interested in having Victoria Rowell reprise the role and they are looking for another actress to be cast in the role.

My response: Didn't they try to recast Dru before & it didn't work both times.

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Mo - I just don't think anyone wants yet ANOTHER twin s/l or Andrea Evans to return as amber's mom and not her other Y&R character, Patty. Personally, two bug-eyed actresses - JC and AE don't sound too appetizing. And I am so not a fan of Evans! She just acts haughty and that seems to be about it.

I'd love for Deidre Hall to be cast as Patty though!!! We have GOT to get DH on Y&R if she is indeed gone from Days. NOT DRAKE though!

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Yeah, the second I saw the blurb about "Amber's mother," I knew that this wasn't reliable stuff. Andrea Evans isn't someone who would be just forgotten like that, especially not after the publicized run on OLTL.

Amber needs to go back to B&B and rekindle things with Thomas. I still don't think she's right for Y&R.

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