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SOD: Another DAYS shakeup

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Forgive my copy-and-paste from another board, but... well... why not? LOL!

Actually before the Olympics rise, Days was down from last year, I believe. (I could be wrong... Toups can correct me if I looked at the wrong numbers) Maybe not in HH's, but I thought they were down in demos, which is the important number.

As for Tomlin...


...I have complete faith in Tomlin. He'll do just fine. That was never an issue. He's written for shows, he's HEAD written for shows, and he's EP'ed lots of shows. He knows what he's doing. That's not in question. The real question is: can he do something that makes Days skyrocket up in the numbers to insure the one/two year pick-up next month won't be DOOL's last with NBC. And that's where I'm doubtful. He'll deliver a good show, oversee status quo stories, and come in under budget. But at this moment in time, Days needs something JAW-DROPPING. Something to get loads of viewers to tune back in. Like, Lousie Sorel or Eileen Davidson's return, or a big location shoot, or a story that TRULY SINCERELY GENUINELY has "never been done on daytime before". (So sick of hearing that from other shows when it isn't true)

As for Tomlin being up for EP last year... I have it on good authority (and I think Toups has already said something along these lines prior to this anyway) that yes, it came down to Ed Scott and Gary Tomlin as Wyman's replacements. Both were well-liked, and both made good impressions. But from what I understand, the folks in charge at the time: Corday and Sheffer primarily, ended up going with Ed. Not because they didn't like or want Gary. But just because Ed Scott came from a show that was more "polished and sophisticated" (for lack of better words), and at the time, they thought that's what Days needed. But from what I understand, Tomlin was just as well-liked at the time. They just thought Scott had the chops to get Days taken seriously again in the industry (which critically and awards-wise, ended up being the right choice in the end, no matter what happened behind the scenes in the last few months). Tomlin is fine, just tends to gravitate towards the camp on every show he's worked at (Babes Behind Bars on OLTL, for example)

I have no doubt Tomlin will deliver a fine program. Your typical fun, slightly campy, soap opera. And fans will be content. I just don't know if he has the "secret weapon" in his brain that will save the show in the long run. But I really hope he does.

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Since they're still paying off Reilly, maybe they should get him to consult and create a bizarre storyline that will get DAYS mainstream press again. ::hides::

Yes, but Scott, Higley, and Corday clearly didn't have a "secret weapon" either. Doesn't DAYS' renewal rely mostly on Corday, shouldn't he be the one most actively involved in negotiations with NBC?

DAYS has tried to "shock" its audience so many times over the years, I think viewers are so over that trend, as they are with fan favourites returning. How many soap returns have been ratings successes in the past 8 years? Vanessa Marcil is the only one I can think of.

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Yeah, demos are down.

You know how can do all of those things? J.E.R! And THIS time, he won't have Stephen Wyman stabbing him in the back, trying to get him fired. He can work well with Tomlin, I'm sure of it.

Yeah, I posted about this in the "Scott Fired! Tomlin Hired" thread. ;)

His "secret weapon" is Jim Reilly. ;) The thing about Corday is that he can be talked into doing anything. All Gary has to do is make an outstanding pitch to bring back Jim Reilly in at least a co-HW position, or Story Consultant.

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