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Carolyn Hinsey Fired!

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I'm guessing this is where the information came from, maybe?


Breaking: Carolyn Hinsey, editor of Soap Opera Weekly, was just fired, we’re told. Hinsey is described to us as “a truly malicious, horrible human being.” If true, then more of you must have stories!

Update: “Budgetary” reasons is one excuse being thrown around, which would mean SOW would have to replace Hinsey with somebody less experienced (read: cheaper) for that to pan out. Other possibilities for her removal? Numerous HR problems and complaints about Hinsey, who’s said to be “a yeller and screamer” and a “bully.” “Anger management classes were mentioned several years ago,” says one well-informed source.

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I get why you say this, given the Disney-love she often shows.

BUT, Soapnet ain't exactly flourishing. And what about Coleridge? And even if they do hire her, remember Torchin? This would not be a long-term job.

ALSO, Hinsey is not built for the online era. She only reluctantly started her blog recently, and when there are news-interruptions of her soaps, she still harps that fans "can't catch" their episodes. When Nuke was not publicized, she harped that fans were screwed, because it didn't even run on Soapnet. What about cbs.com???? Or fancast or MSN TV???

I don't see a place for her at the new Soapnet, but what do I know?

The soap mags will be gone soon anyway, no?

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