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ABC New Daytime Promos

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These people are known to NON-soap audiences.

Soaps aren't cool. In fact, they are the antithesis of cool, especially in the minds of young men and women.

So, having spokespersons known from their music (Mel B), their cable shows (P.ssy), their snowboarding...that suddenly adds that viral element of "ohhh...if he/she likes soaps, maybe I will too". I think it is clever.

At first, I was put off that 15-seconds of the 30-second spots were devoted to the 'stranger'. But then I thought it was clever...the stranger shares all these adjectives that draw you in. Now that the stranger has lured you in (you don't even know it is a soap that is being discussed), you see the manifestation of the adjectives with soap characters.

I'm in favor of all such experiments.

Errol, ABC should pay you to run these :-).

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