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I think he's the new series producer who's taken over from Anita Turner. As I've stated before and feel the need to do so again, I loathe the show but I'm intrigued by the recent backstage reshuffling.

If I'm not mistaken, Gavin started his career as a script editor for Corrie.

Incidentally I noticed Daran Little in a bar this weekend. I wonder whether he's back for a visit or his American dream has crashed and burned...

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Interesting. Wonder if he'll be looking for work whilst he's back over here.

I don't think Emmerdale could ever be watchable again unless it had a complete overhaul i.e. firing 75% of the cast. I've seen a few minutes here and there now Maxwell Caulfield and Amanda Donahoe have joined - there seems to be an intriguing story developing with a woman from his past.

It just doesn't gel as a show. There is some talent there but huge portions of time centre on comedy incest and grotesque hillbilly cariacatures.

But then the first half of Hollyoaks tonight revolved around someone having a phobia of a potato so Emmerdale's in good company as far as crap writing at the moment :lol:.

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Yes, I've read about that mysterious woman story. But I just cannot believe it that any soap I touch seems to be crap — I so want to watch something intriguing and compelling, but turn out — such a soap does not exist. Or it does — but it's in Greek.

LMAO! :lol: at that potato phobia!

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I enjoy Emmerdale, at least what I see of it. I'm not a big Dingle fan but I don't think they're hillbilly caricatures. Debbie's a wonderful character, and Chastity is, when written properly, a fascinating character, a broken woman who desperately tries to be "good" even as she knows how hollow that idea is.

I also respect that they try to give story to their older actors, sometimes just comedy, but it's better than most of the gloom on other soaps.

The Debbie/Jasmine story was soap at its absolute best. And so was Matthew King's death.

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The story is better than my description, but, basically, Debbie and Jasmine first met a few years ago when Jasmine moved in with her uncle (her parents left her in boarding schools most of the time). Jasmine was shy and repressed. Debbie, who had grown up in foster care and then when she found her parents, they used her and abandoned her, was just happy to have a friend and relive the fun years she never got to have. Slowly they fell in love, but Debbie's unbalanced father, Cain, who was disgusted by the idea of Debbie being involved with another girl, seduced Jasmine. Jasmine got pregnant, but to get revenge on her father, Debbie persuaded Jasmine to have an abortion.

They fell out, but a few years later repaired their friendship. They moved in together, and Jasmine started dating a crooked cop because she wanted to write an expose of the crime family he worked for. When he found out the truth, he tried to rape Jasmine. Debbie tracked them down and hit Shane over the head. A few minutes later, he came to and tried to attack Debbie, but a hysterical Jasmine beat him to death with a chair leg.

With the help of Debbie's cousin Eli (who was in love with Debbie), they covered up their crime and threw Shane's body into the river. At this time Debbie and Jasmine began to fall in love again, sharing several kisses. Eventually the body was found and after Eli realized Debbie and Jasmine were a couple and he sold them out to the cops. They tried to run away, but the cops got Debbie.

Jasmine hid out for a while, but eventually she turned herself in to spare Debbie. Debbie visited her in prison. She asked Debbie to move on with her life, and told Debbie how much she loved her; Debbie said the same. Then she gave Debbie her ring and said now they would always be together.

Debbie's a fascinating character. She's at the center of the show at the moment, and they're bringing her parents back, which should be great drama.

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James joins the cast

Mon 23 Mar

Former Hollyoaks actor James Sutton is joining Emmerdale.

The award-winning actor will play the son of newcomer Faye Lamb.

James, best known for his role as John Paul in Hollyoaks, is cast as Ryan, who arrives on screen in June to stay with his mum after losing his job.

Ryan quickly becomes embroiled in Faye’s plot for revenge against Mark Wylde, who is still battling to keep Faye’s identity under wraps, knowing his secret past could blow his family apart.

Ryan turns the heads of the local ladies and soon becomes romantically involved with Katie Sugden.

James, 26, says: "I'm thrilled to be joining a show as respected and well-loved as Emmerdale.

"It was always on in our house when I was growing up and I’m looking forward to playing such an interesting character and one so different from previous roles I’ve played.”

Gavin Blyth, Emmerdale series producer, says: "I’m delighted to be welcoming James to the cast as a key component in the new direction the show will be taking.

"James is an extremely talented actor and will bring a real presence to the role of Ryan.”

source: http://www.itv.com/Soaps/emmerdale/newsand...89/default.html

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I thought Charity's exit was superb, she got her own back on the Kings, but she still lost Debbie. Debbie always seemed to prefer Cain. Then Charity left to try to finally live without a man. They even used Eva Cassidy's "Songbird" instead of the normal closing credits theme.

What makes this story so good is they have built on years and years of history. The story started in 2002 or 2003, when Debbie was fostered and then she reunited with her biological parents. Even when Cain and Charity were gone, Debbie continued to have story, becoming wealthy and hardened even though she was only in her late teens, then losing everything and reverting back to her more vulnerable self during her reconciliation with Jasmine. Just in time for Cain to return, and Debbie to be torn between doing what he wants and doing what her instincts tell her.

The story with little Sarah has also built consistently ever since 2005. I don't like Andy, but I think Kelvin Fletcher is a very good actor.

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