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Best currently 'unemployed' daytime actresses

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I was sitting around the other day thinking of which daytime actresses that are currently 'unemployed' i would want back on daytime. I started with a Top Ten list, but then i suddenly realized that there are too many great actresses not currently on daytime! So here is a list of 25 that i feel should be, for the better of all of daytime, in no particular order.

1. Jensen Buchanan

2. Lisa Peluso

3. Judi Evans

4. Anna Stuart

5. Robin Christopher

6. Alicia Coppola

7. Kimberlin Brown

8. Victoria Rowell

9. Cady McClain

10. Genie Francis

11. Kristina Wagner

12. Marcy Walker

13. Adrianne Leon

14. Martha Byrne

15. Tonja Walker

16. Renee Goldsberry

17. Sarah Buxton

18. Priscilla Garita

19. Dominique Jennings

20. Wendy Moniz

21. Vanessa Marcil

22. Cynthia Watros

23. Tracey Ross

24. Kathleen Noone

25. Anne Heche (am i dreaming for a daytime return??)

Why must we get newbies when we have these great ones to choose from?

Who did I leave out?

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1. Constance Towers

2. Jackie Zeman

3. Alex Donnelly

4. Tonya Williams

5. Tricia Cast

6. Julianna McCarthy

7. Ashley Bashioum

8. Sandra Nelson

9. Eden Riegel

10. Ellen Holly

11. Davetta Sherwood

12. Linda Dano

13. Adrianne Leon

14. Louise Sorel

15. Veronica Redd

16. Marla Adams

17. Sabryn Genet

18. Marissa Tait

19. Kristina Wagner

20. Beth Maitland

21. Sydney Penny

22. Colleen Dion

23. Barbara Crampton

24. Lauren Martin

25. Margaret Colin

26. Jess Dunphy

27. Tamara Tunie

28. Teri Ivens

29. Gillian Spencer

30. Amelia Marshall

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**cough**cough**Victoria Rowell**cough**cough** :lol:

I hope you don't mind me hijacking your list. I pretty much highlighting everyone on there that I'd like to see return to daytime. The others are from soaps I've never watched.

From the other lists, I also like Cynthia Watros, Wendy Moniz, Lisa Brown, Kimberlin Brown.

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Some of the women on my list would never return to daytime under any circumstances. Still, if they did return, I know I'd be excited.

* * * * *

Mary Kay Adams (ex-India, GL; ex-Diane, AMC; ex-Death, OLTL; ex-Neal, ATWT)

Frances Fisher (ex-Suzette, GL; ex-Deborah, EDGE OF NIGHT)

Sharon Gabet (ex-Melinda, OLTL; ex-Brittany, AW; ex-Raven, EON)

Maureen Garrett (ex-Holly, GL; ex-E.J., RYAN'S HOPE)

Lenore Kasdorf (ex-Caroline, SANTA BARBARA; ex-Veronica, DAYS; ex-Rita, GL)

Susan Keith (ex-Shana, LOVING; ex-Cecile, AW)

Harley Jane Kozak (ex-Mary, SB; ex-Annabelle, GL; ex-Brett, TEXAS)

Dorothy Lyman (ex-Bonnie, B&B; ex-Rebecca, GENERATIONS; ex-Opal, AMC; ex-Gwen, AW; ex-Elly Jo, EON)

Robin Mattson (ex-Cheri, ATWT; ex-Heather, GH; ex-Sugar, B&B; ex-Janet, AMC; ex-Gina, SB; ex-Delia, RH; ex-Hope, GL)

Cindy Pickett (ex-Jackie, GL)

Jacqueline Schultz (ex-Patti, SEARCH FOR TOMORROW; ex-Dee, ATWT)

Brynn Thayer (ex-Jenny, OLTL)

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