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AMC: Friday, June 27, 2008

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OMG STFU you stupid Fusion bitches! :angry::rolleyes: Out of line Kendall, OUT OF LINE? Annie was out of line for calling out that bitch for kidnapping your son, getting him in a car crash, and causing your other son to go into premature labor? How stupid is that trick? God she derserves everything Greenlee does to her. And STFU Amanda you stupid two-faced hoe! Thank you Babe for at least standing up for Annie. And who the hell is writing this bull [!@#$%^&*]?
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It was just an okay episode, imo.

Finally, Angie came around. I loved her and Jesse today! I'm glad she took Frankie off Randi's case, too.

I wasn't impressed with the Erica/Samuel scenes. She's faced tougher demons than that and this just didn't seem dramatic to me at all until the lockdown at the end.

I hate how the Fusion girls waste so much time talking about sex. I know Brian Frons thought this would be the daytime version of Sex & The City but it's not. I was waiting for Richie to attack just to shut them up!

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