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Port Charles Discussion Thread


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I only know Eve with Ian and as a heroine, but watching her in these early days is like such a refreshing, completely different character. Very shocked to hear she'll get involved with Kevin. Right now they seem to be developing something with Scott I REALLY want to happen. Poor Chris does just as little in the beginning as he did during the arcs.

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I'm watching some old episodes of Port Charles while I recover from some minor surgery and it's just hard to believe all of this was ten years ago. These episodes, aside from a few of the pop culture references, still hold up well.

Can't stress again how much I appreciated and enjoyed Karen Harris' run on this show(March-December 2000). The right blend of humor, realism, and gripping drama.

I'm not watching them all in order, rather just select episodes here and there. It's amazing how, despite the fact that GH was going for this arc-style storytelling even back then, they still never let four characters just swallow the show whole(as Caleb/Livvie/Alison/Rafe did during the arcs).

Even ten years later, I hate Felicia "Soap Producer Extraordinaire" Behr and Angela "Shop The Soaps" Shapiro for f^cking over this show.

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I thought Matt's relationship with Ellen was rather boring. I thought it kept them both from being interesting. I thought they were better in the beginning before they got together and proabbly could have shined had they been with different people

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Marie Alice Reasner was a bad recast. She played Ellen as if she got a lobotomy. It was like a new character and I didnt like the direction they took her in. One thing that bothered me was that the show never explained her connection to Rachel. They had some tie in the past that wasnt reveal. Ellen was soon written out and Rachel got her apartment. Do you have any idea where the writers were going with that?

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From the July 4, 2000 Soap Opera Weekly. Primedia. Introducing Jamal and Alison (look, no stuttering vagrants!). I will type up the part which was cut off.


Kiko's interview ends in "they are." Then - Travis Kinsey.

Erin's interview ends in "on the weekends. I'm not really a busy gal." - TK

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