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More exits!

The Revolving door keeps turning at World Turns. On the heels of Grayson McCouch (ex-Dusty), Cady McClain (ex-Rosanna) Scott Bryce (Craig), Ryan Serhant (evan) and Wally Kurth (Sam), comes word that Jennifer Landon and Jesse Soffer (Gwen and Will) will both be exiting in March.

"It's a group thing," explains Landon of her decision to exit with acting partner Soffer. "we already know what's going to happen, knowing that we'll be leaving together."

The actress, who joined ATWT in 2005, describes her tenure with the show as "good times", adding "I learned so much and I'm so grateful."

But some of her co-stars aren't so grateful. Sources say the slew of roster changes has the ATWT cast on edge, and vets like McClain have already been vocal about the show's policies toward the cast and the crew. "Half the crew was getting fired the following day." she noted to Weekly about her last day on-set.

So buckle up: These may not be the last exits from Oakdale.

Stage hands Win Grievance at ATWT

The Writer's Guild isn't the only union conflice going on at As The World Turns. the stagehands' union (IATSE, Local 4) recently won what one actor called a "massive grievance" against the Brooklyn-based soaps. Accoring to insiders, the taping schedule was changed to span only four days, Monday to Thursday. While this move saved money, the stagehands filed, and won, a grievance against the show. Since the episodes aired five days a week, union members were entitled to five days' worth of pay, whether they actually worked them or not. hence, ATWT has returned to a five-day workweek.

at press time. calls to Local 4 had not been returned. Reps for P&G and CBS declined comment.

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