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DAYS: Latest Promo!!

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For those of you who can't see the promo, for whatever reason, here's a transcript with pictures!

"On Days of Our Lives..."

We see a flashback to John on his deathbed.


JOHN: "I'm going to miss you."

MARLENA: "I love you."

"...the death that rocked daytime..."

We see Marlena and Roman sitting together in her living room. She is looking through a photo album of pictures of her with John.


MARLENA: "I don't know how I'm going to go on without him."

ROMAN: "John... would want you to move on."

"But as the new year begins, prepare to be rocked... again!"

We see EJ entering Stefano's laboratory, and standing beside the mystery man's body. Suddenly, he pulls the sheet off, revealing John's body underneath. EJ looks stunned.



Then, we see Stefano standing behind the bed.


STEFANO: "Magnificent, isn't he?"


"John Black... is alive."

Finally, we see John standing in the living room of the DiMera Mansion with Stefano behind him.



STEFANO: "Welcome home."


"Days of Our Lives."

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Drake looks great and looks to be playing the "Pawn" John very well. Stefano looks like he is in his element too.

These promos keep looking better and better and kudos to them on making J&M the focus of this promo They better keep that up. It can only help the ratings.

While we didn't have promos like this in the 80's, those like me who watched the original story got chills from that. Wow...this whole story is giving me chills and I know Drake says nothing in the promo but he doesn't have to. He looks like he is bringing it. I hated him being resurrected and was down on him (still am) but damn...if the story is good, whatever :lol:

If the ratings so not respond, it will suck. The show is finally putting everything out there and trying to save the show and I only hope it works because, so far, it deserves it big time.

Kudos to Ed Scott to on the promos. Love them and now they are perfect because they are focusing on the right stories each week.

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I'm very excited about this story, and I've never been a huge John Black fan. However, I loved the Pawn storyline! At first I was a little disappointed that John wasn't dead, just because his "death" was handled so beautifully and those were really great shows. Now I'm just excited that DAYS has been so good and looks to be getting better by leaps and bounds. It's a soap--I don't expect reality or even rationality most of the time--I just want to be entertained, and right now I'm VERY entertained. The only thing really bothering me right now is this writers' strike and not really trusting whoever is writing the show while Hogan is on the picket line.

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