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GH: Did anyone see this about Emily?

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Not sure what the original source is(probably SOD or SOW) but I found this completley interesting and I might have to watch GH to find out what all this is about. Any Ideas on what she could be?


Nik is haunted by nightmares, frightened that he may have been Emily's murderer. He feels

he is losing his mind. Then...he sees Emily.

Guza, "It's a fully corporeal Emily, fully fleshed out. She's not diaphanous. She's not looking like

some weird harpy from the underworld. (LOL!) She looks just like she did in that beautiful ball gown

when Nikolas came into the bedroom prior to the ball and proposed. She speaks normally. Nikolas can

touch her. Nikolas can kiss her."

Naturally Nik wants to know what the heck is going on, but Em isn't much help. He wants to know

if she is a spirit or if she's been hanging with Alan, but all she remembers is coming into the room.

Her response to Nik's next question is the theme for all that follows in the rest of this story.

(See our *Spumors). When Nik wants to know if he was responsible for her death, she says,

"Nikolas, you would never hurt me."

Guza says this mystery will not unravel until halfway through 2008. "She is not a ghost

and she is not his conscience. Just exactly what she is has yet to be revealed, but I guarantee you,

it will make for one of the most romantic stories we've ever told."

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Or Just Like Heaven but even I enjoyed Just Like Heaven a lot more than any soap-influenced dead/not dead storyline.

There it is--perhaps Emily's in some elongated coma and Nik will have to save her. If they do that--well, I'm just glad I don't watch GH.

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