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GL: Week of October 15

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They tried to pass him off as a good guy, that's when they lost me.

There is simply not enough I can say about how ludicris it was to have Griggs kidnap Marina on Alex's behalf. It's ridiculous! You mention Carmen Santos, and it seems to me as if DK is trying to paint Alex as Springfield's version of Carmen Santos.

Don't get me started on the so called "greencard marriage" between Cyrus and Alex. What is this, the 1,000th time this "marriage of convience" story has been done with a Spaulding. First it was Alan and Beth. Then it was Lizzie and Jonathan. Now it's Alex and Cyrus. Get the pattern here? DK doesn't. He writes the Spaulding family as this one dimensional evil family, well that until he recently decided to try and redeem Lizzie. God knows how long that will last.

Back to Alex. What pisses me off about this the most is that it seemed as if DK would rejuvenate the character of Alex (a character that is one of my favorite also) at first. It seemed like it when he first joined the show. However everytime I think he does, he goes and pull a fast one over us and makes Alex look more desperate and pathetic than she has ever been in her entire 20+ history on the show (With McKinsey, Collins, and Dusay having all played her).

Marina as Michelle Bauer? Might as well be since the Coopers are Springfield's version of the Bauers. However such a thing is tough to swallow considering Marina's history, but the TIIC ignore that.

I'm surprised that you still watch. I quit once I saw the writing on the wall about Alex being behind Marina's kidnapping. It was the straw that broke the camel's back for me, along with the continuous propping of Josh and Cassie. Especially of Saint Cassie.

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    • Yeah… any kind of whack explanation would never make Rachel getting in to see Kristen seem believable. The little psychopath still needs to be brought down a peg or two.  Tripp was really adorable today though. Too bad Gabi didn’t see his little show either

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      They really need to play Tripp/Wendy/Johnny a lot more. It could be so good. And they should bring Chanel back into it as well.  And I gotta admit, I do kind of like Alex’s new glasses. They look a lot better
    • I love being loved and waking up to a simple little video someone sent me from far far away. Awwww. My heart 

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      (and yes, I do have one). Good morning or shall I say Bom Dia to me! He's such a little doofus.

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    • OH?   Well Eva the Diva does not take kindly to cheating if I remember....
    • It was over Michael who started that feud back in 1998. Phyllis was jealous that Michael was spending so much time with Diane over her divorce case with Victor.
    • Jill Zarin has let go of her rental in Ramona's building on the Upper East Side. Looks like she'll be spending more time in FLA. Her 'Goodbye NYC' makes me feel like it's a wider Goodbye to the OG RHONY 

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        Hmm.  Sounds like he got caught doing something he wasn't supposed to do.
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