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Which one character do you want back at your soap ASAP?

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Don't watch my old soap anymore (have 2 new ones now) but if I did,

GL - Paul Anthony Stewart as Danny Santos (the only one who would bring me back)

I just read today actually that Danny Cosgrove and David MacDonald on their way back to GL.

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Okay here's my list

AMC:Bianca,Simone,Zoe, and Brooke

ATWT:Jessica,Duncan,Bonnie,Jennifer,Rose,the list goes on..Casey too

BB:One word Deacon!

GH:Hahahahaha Zander Smith please...this would be a perfect time for him to come back,Laura.......Keesha,Taggert and Gia

GL:Jenna Bradshaw,Nadine Cooper,Tammy and Jonathan and Sarah (hahahahaha),Any Bauers,Victoria Spaulding (due to the fact I want to play her daughter),David Grant,etc

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