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AMC: Susan Lucci on Jeopardy tonight

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ITA! I have always said this. I love Susan and love Erica Kane.... and definately think she is a decent actress, but in no way do I compare her to the likes of say Julia Barr. Susan is a household name, and can act, but I can think of at least 10 actresses better than her that have graced the AMC screen.

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Susan isn't a brillian actress, I'm probably one of her and Erica's biggest fans, and I can easily admit that. But she's decent, and with the right acting partners she can be brilliant. The writing is a lot of the problem too. But at any rate, I think Susan is good, and she gets the job done.

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    • This sounds hysterical.  
    • Rebecca Herbst even if I do have a preference.
    • OMG same. He's not desiring of her right now but I would lost my sh&* if she does show up in a few weekas. Okay...now we are just picking to pick.   If you were misdiagnosed about an illness for DECADES, you get the right to feel a way. Now if you keep going on about it for ohhhh six months...then be shady.     Not policing mind you, js. 
    • See? Already at a page after the tag.

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       Showing the power of BRENDA.  But going into what I'm saying...FV is very good...even at ego aside...at what works for an anniversary. So I do expect Brenda or at least Luke to show up. But it being kept under wraps.   I will eat crow if I'm wrong of course, I just feel one, the other, or both, is inevitable.   And we all know I want her to ride off into the sunset if the show is cancelled so   But that's the thing. Even with them gone, Brenda STILL has enough connections to make it work...and even make new connections...which again makes it work.   We all can see her landing at Deception and it writes itself from Sasha to a silly feud with Maxie/Lucy or both to running afoul of Ms. Wu. And THAT is ONLY Deception. Off the top of my head. I know all of us can think of more storyline.      
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