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Y&R Spoilers: More Hell in a Handbasket

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These are almost laughable; while some just don't make sense... Here goes.

Daniel's stupidity nearly causes the Newman server to crash; costing his butt to be ousted

Jack is not happy to learn that Sharon and Nick arranged to be together for the Clear Springs trip

Kay threatens to cut Jill out if she continues her relationship with Ji Min

Cane gets sweet revenge on Amber

Phyllis realizes she can't hold on to Nick

Daniel gives Lily what she wants: an anullment (I bet ole Devon will be foamng at the mouth ready to fill the void :rolleyes: )

Kevin turns to blackmail to get the money he needs to help Jana

Sharon and Nick find themselves giving in

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This show is turning into GH circa 2006 with all the couple swaps and depressing, pointless stories.

All we need now is for them to rip off the story of a blockbuster movie like having them all trapped on the top floor of Newman Enterprises as it burns down or something like that.

I really shouldnt be giving LML any ideas though....

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How about this, cancel new shows for awhile and rewind back to 1973 and air it from the first episode when it was GOOD. Then hire some people who know the show and make it good again.

Don't even get me started about casting...

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Let me break this down

:huh: This is just laugable and stupid! :lol:

Like I really care....LOL

Haven't we had these scenes already?

Sounds interesting....does he ship her off to parts unknown?

Thank Gawd...I hated them as a couple.

Never really cared for the couple...eh...

This is just plain dumb! Why is Kevin wasting his time on Jana? Why is Jana still on the canvas? She is so pointless!!


I still watch...or have it on but it is just background noise for me.

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At most, I get the last two minutes of the show, and even then it looks stupid.

The show would be something if LML was out on her butt and folks that actually know the history and respect it were put back on the canvas.

Since she has been doing the show; she's managed not only to kill off beloved long standing characters' add characters that have no business being on the show, and write crappy stuff not even a novelist would have nerve to write.

The longer she stays, the more folks will leave....

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