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Well its that time of year again! Its the middle of the year. Grade your soaps. Discuss the bad, good and ugly of any soap.

I have averaged all the grades from January 2007.

Here are the grades



B&B: B


GH: B-




Y&R: B

Here are my grades for each soap

All My Children: B+

The Good: We are seing Balance the last couple of months. Also theres a new storyline that got me glued to the T.V. Also I love that Vets are getting more airtime! The interm writers have done a better job then McTavish

The Bad: There is too much Greenlee! Its the Greenlee hour!

As the World Turns: C+

The Good: I like that the stories are picking up.

The Bad: Jade left. :( ATWT is not the same anymore. Some of the storylines were boring!

Bold and the Beautiful: B+

The Good: I am loving the stories. KKL is doing a great job! I like that the stories keep me glued!

The Bad: Constine!! HE NEEDS TO GO!

Days of Our Lives: C-

The Good: The returns of VETS!

The Bad: Its still bores me

General Hospital: B

The Good: Loving the teens on the show!

The bad: Its the same as last time!

Guiding Light: N/A I do not watch GL

One Life to Live: C+

The Good: I love Viki! She is so great! I also like that the Todd storyline is picking up! :)

The Bad: The teens are taking over!

Passions: B-

The good: I like that Theresa and Ethan are "together". I also like that the blackmailer storyline is picking up!

The bad: Gwen and Rebecca!

The Young and the Restless: C+

The Good: I like the Sharron/Nick/Phylis thing right now!

The Bad: Really unessery characters!

Discuss! :)

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All My Children B-

Good: The characters are being written more like humans, acknowledging their faults, flaws and virtues. Nobody is ALWAYS right and nobody has ALL the answers. Ryan's being written as a PERSON, rather than some superhero (as opposed to McTavish). He made the self-centered decision to include SabineLee into the family, and it has backfired. He sees that. JR realizes that his love for his father is stronger than his revenge and actually FEELS for the pain he's put Adam through with this faux kidnapping scheme. He's not acting like some ungrateful drunk who hates Adam no matter how much he stands by his side. Colby's understand Hova's postition in life. She may not like Ava, but she still is capable of realizing the grief Hova is causing is due to the fact that she felt unwanted. Speaking of Colby, over the last few months, she (character and actress) has grown tremendously. I can honestly say I accept her as part of the AMC family.

Bad: Too much directionless and repetitive writing. Everyone has been spinning their wheels for the last few months without a head writer. Also, I am not fond of Krystal and Tad obsconding with the spoil, while Adam's left alone. The two of them willingly participated in breaking Krystal's vows, and Krystal willingly chose to LIE to Adam. Adam was happy, in love, and making honest efforts to keep the Chandler family together -- then Krystal's lie was exposed and it all fell apart -- and somehow Adam's the bad guy for not putting up with it.

Ugly: SabineLee. Sabine Singh has been dreadfully miscast as Greenlee, plus the character is on WAY too much. Also, I'm not a fan of soap babies being in peril, plus being a Zendall fan, I'm beyond disgusted with Kendall having to suffer while BOTH of her children are in danger.

Brightside: As a believer in Zen, I believe this traumatic experience will bring the Slaters together in an even stronger way. Zach loves Kendall. I have never doubted that. And from a writing standpoint, after a lousy four years, I'm hoping that AMC will at least rise several notches now that we have a head writing team in place.

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Y&R: B___Y&R has been absolutely decimated by LML and her band of Sony hacks. I still think though that it is the best soap on the air (not that it means much with the garbage being churned out)...production values are still top notch and the show remains comprised of its veteran stars. The problems with Y&R are that the writing and casting choices (ie way too many new characters who are effing useless) have been terrible and Y&R has changed from a character driven serial to a plot driven one. Y&R has changed and not for the better.

B&B: B+___B&B has certainly been in a rut for the past few years. The potential is there for this show, it has an amazing cast and soaps most powerful family (the Bells) running it. With the recent arrivals of Eileen Davidson as Ashely and Kay Alden to the co-HW position I hope that this creative rut will soon be escaped. I rank B&B higher than Y&R (even though I love Y&R more than B&B) simply because Y&R has changed radically whilst B&B has maintained its identity.

GH: C___GH has become a husk of its former self. This show is no longer about a hospital, it's about the mob. If I had control of that show I'd kill off Sonny, Jason and Sam faster than I can type this sentence. Frons, JFP and Guza have become hooked to the focus groups and GH has suffered because of it. The vets who made GH special (Stuart Damon, Jackie Zeman, Jane Elliot, John J York, Leslie Charleson and even Tony Geary to a degree) have been relegated to backburner hell and others (Lynn Herring, Finola Hughes, Jon Lindstrom, Genie Francis, Kin Shriner, Sharon Wyatt, John Reilly) have not been asked to return on a full time basis, thereby relegating them to the unemployment line. I think GH is the most pathetic show on daytime and I say this as a fan who LOVED it...the 70s 80s and 90s were golden years compared to the crap that has been on this show since 2001 when JFP came to power.

AMC: C+___AMC has somewhat rebounded since McTavish got the axe. However, frustrating recasts (Greenlee), rewritten history which has yet to be undone (Erica's unabortion) and terrible treatment of vets (including Susan Lucci who should be written for as the star that she is) have really hurt AMC. Agnes Nixon really needs to be given a consulting role at AMC, without her presence the show has really lacked the 'oomph' that it always had with her. I think in AMC's case a lot of the blame has to be placed behind the scenes with the EP and Frons. Even the writers have to bow to Frons so I don't hold McTavish 100% responsible. Julie Hannan Carruthers doesn't seem to give a damn about this show and it really shows.

OLTL: B-___OLTL has been my soap of choice. I've often found some sort of 'ugly stepsister' characteristic about it but it cannot be denied that Erika Slezak and Robin Strasser are amazing talents who, when written for, make OLTL fantastic. Therein lyes the problem with OLTL: it's best actors are not being written for. This issue is of course probably going to change as Dena Higley has been fired (about 3 years to late on that one Frons!).

ATWT: B___ATWT has always been a relatively stable soap. It's sort of like apple pie, always decent and hard to really mess up. That being said Chris Goutman and Jean Passante have sort of done just that. It seems that Passante has run out of ideas and is grasping at straws. I hate what has happened to the vets like Eileen Fulton and Colleen Zenk Pinter. But then ATWT is really no worse or no better than most soaps. It's middle of the road.

DAYS: B-___DAYS should be better than it is with Sheffer and Corday and Sony allegedly working together well. Hogan's writing has not been very good and many popular actors have been given the cold shoulder. DAYS has yet to grab my attention which is exactly what the show needs as ratings keep hitting the skids. However, DAYS has always had a loyal fanbase and could turn around. It is simply going to take time and a lot of hard work .

GL: B+___GL is a good soap. So sue me but I'm one of those people who thinks very highly of Ellen Wheeler. I think GL has regained a sense of balance. While it isn't perfect, far from it, I think GL has hit a nerve that it never had with Paul Rauch, John Conboy or Mary Alice Dwyer Dobbin.

PASS: F___I'm so pleased that this piece of garbage is going off to satellite. I think some of the actors (Kim Johnston Ulrich, Tracey Ross, Ben Masters, Andrea Evans, Juliet Mills) are really fantastic...its the writing which is terrible! PASS insults the intelligence of the viewer with hack plots which never get resolved. It doesn't help that PASS replaced my beloved AW so I've never been very sympathetic to it.

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Y&R- F

No vision, at least not one that is in tune with what Y&R is really about. The continued Brad Carlton domination and from what I understand even more confusing backstory for him this summer! Brad was never ever a lead character.

The same goes with Amber. A girl with no friggin ties to this canvas what so ever is dominating the show day in, day out. The storylines are bland, unoriginal and uninspired. Plot point after plot point. It feels like I am watching General Hospital on its worst day. And I don't see anything getting any better either.


You can tell McTavish is gone but still to much character propping for my taste. Greenlee should not be on everyday, and be driving storyline so much. She should have been reworked back into the canvas. I am enjoying Sabine, but not enough to see her 24/7. The show is utilizing its rich history more often now, characters admit they are flawed and recite their past mistakes...... and there is much more real human emotion written into the scenes. The sense of family that made AMC was it is has sort of returned.


This show is unbelievably bad.... but has a few bright spots. Maura West's return could not have come at a better time. While her storyline sucks, Maura is working wonders with what she is given and the prospect at CarJack reuniting is one wrong righted. But it continues to be the Gwen hour, thank goodness Cleo is gone. I am looking forward to Rosanna's return and see where that goes.

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Days: B-

The Good:The DiMera vs Brady's story.

The Bad: The teens-it seems to be getting interesting, but I HATE the destruction of Nick and Chelsea. Phillip/Belle/Shawn triangle has the potential to be getting interesting, but Sheffer is just squandering that.

Guiding Light:C-

The Good: Dinah's memory loss, Marina/Cyrus/Alex, Rick and Beth's new dysfunctional family, Buzz and Lillian dating, Natalia Rivera(Jessica Leccia) is a good addition, and simply anticipating when the sh** hits the fan for Cassie for what she did.

The Bad:Nothing really.

The Ugly: Rafe, Ava, nuDylan, Jeffrey O'Neil being portrayed as the wisest and smartest person in Springfield, and his pairing with Reva is real ugly. Josh and Cassie as a couple is pretty ugly too. Maybe I should have given up hope, but the ignoring of vets continues. Where's Blake? I'm gonna sound stupid for asking this, but where is Holly also? I know this is supposed to be the nuGL and we're supposed to have forgotten the fact there was ever a family called the Marlers, but damn sometimes I wonder what Maureen Garrett must be doing.

General Hospital: C+

The Good: Since I've quit watching GL as of last week, I decided to see what has been happening in Port Charles. I've gotta say it's pretty good. I'm really enjoying the teens. GH has a great younger set. The Quatermaine's involvement is interesting to say the least. I just love their scenes. It was great to see Sam finally end things between her and Jason. I'm interested in new characters like Amelia and Kate Howard. Patrick and Robin are good too. Another good is that since I've devoted full time to GH, I have not seen Emily yet and I despise Natalia Livingston's acting.

The Bad: Sonny, Cassie...oops I mean Carrrly, Jason, and Elizabeth. Sonny's seems to have become the town's welcome wagon for new female characters since it seems as if he and Kate will hop into bed. I'm not liking this Anna/Eli story either.

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January-April: F

Currently: C-

The Good:

*Snappy and intelligent dialogue.

*Diverse character interaction (eg: Lucas/Kayla, Stefano/Steve).

*Established couples (Bope, J&M, S&K and Lumi) together and in love.

*Entertaining individual scenes/moments.

The Bad:

*Terrible storyline ideas (Santeen as the reason for the feud, Touch the Sky, rehashing of the Shelle/Philip triangle)

*The insta-redemption of EJ.

*Destruction of Chick.

*Vets still being used in a propping capacity.

*Poor pacing & structure to the plots. Lack of build-up means big twists and reveals (eg. Stefano's return, Tony is Andre) play out like non-events. Lack of follow-through makes payoffs unsatisfying. Too many important scenes take place off screen.

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The Good:

-Putting Shelle/Philip on backburner. These three are much more enjoyable when they're on only once or twice a week.

-The Vets being on almost everyday.

-The Dimera's

The Bad:

-Totally ignoring Kate, Billie & Lexie. Sure Kate got involved with the DNA stuff but that's it. Billie & Lexie have had such useless scenes in the past few weeks.

-The Santo/Colleen stuff is quite boring. Hogan needs to speed that up.

-The Vegas storyline is horrid.

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ATWT Gets a B+..The show is really improving and ME being a ATWT fan...Its nice to see 5 different storylines instead of the daily two we been getting

GH Gets a C-..The show hasn't been the same since JP took over but I love the Teens, racy, Anna, and Kate

AMC Gets a B-..Im loving the crash storyline so far and ZENDALL is amazing

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All My Children: B+

The Good: I think the show is being written more realistically and with more of an understanding of history and character development. While I do feel that at times the show is being written by toddlers there does seem to be a better sense of family and togetherness that there hasn't been in awhile.

The Bad: I think the worst thing about AMC is how juvinile some scenes are written. The petty Greenlee/Annie rivalry this past month has been tired and repetetive from it's conception. The character of Ava and to a lesser extent Greenlee just seem to wallow in self pity and more or less just seem to dwaddle in the mess of their lives rather than actually do something about it.

As The World Turns: D-

The Good: I don't really see alot of good. I would say that I love the storyline Luke has except he doesn't really have one. It's more like an unknowing triangle because one of the characters isn't even aware that he is attracted to him. I love Van in his work and I love Alexandra as well but they don't really have a storyline. They're just in a type of limbo. I would say that I love CarJack but they aren't really together. But I love the interaction between Maura and Micheal. So I guess their really is no good storyline.

The Bad: There is alot of bad on this show. The awful couple called 'Kack', Alisions addiction storyline, The complete plot driven storyline of J.J's abduction, The horriable chole storyline, ect.

Days Of Our Lives: C

The Good: I really like the DiMera fued and of course love the Santeen and Ejami stuff. I like most of the writing on the show with the exception of the younger crowd.

The Bad: The entire teen scene is awful. The sex obsessed Stephanie bares no resemblence to Steve or Kayla physically nor emotionally. The cardboard character Jeremy who is little more then an abusive jerk and of course Max, Chelsea and Jett don't really do anything except complain about Jeremy's activities and do little to nothing to stop him or find out anything incriminating. They just sit back and watch as it all happens. The endless triangle known as Shawn/Belle/Philip.

General Hospital: C

The Good: I like Sam's new found independence as well as Jason finally going to jail for all the countless people he has murdered. I like that it seems like Elizabeth's lies will be coming back and that her pretty little world will come crashing down upon her. I like the new characters Coop and Logan.

The Medicore: Scrubs, Anna/Noah, Alexis. Most of these characters are being reduced to rubble but I still think at times it's enjoyable to watch. Even thou it's blatant fluff.

The Bad: The entire mafia squad needs to go down. Jason, Sonny and Carly are perhaps the most annoying characters on the show. They are sucking all the good out of the show as they usually do. Elizabeth is also the newest recruit to the mafia squad and Lulu ain't that far behind. More or less I can't stand the propping of Jiz. Most of the newbies are annoying: Amelia, Kate, Stan and Jerry Jaxx all bring down the quality of the show.

The Young And The Restless: B

The Good: I like Cane. I didn't think I would but I do. Jack/Sharon/Nick/Phyllis, Not very popular opinon but I love the Fishers'

The Medicore: Daniel's porn addiction, Jana, David/Nikki/Victor, JT/Victoria/Brad

The Bad: Dead Man's cove (Kevin/Daniel/Amber's keep away of the dead body), Amber as a character, Brad's past,

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