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Late breaking news SOD May 83

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Maybe some posters will find this interesting...

*Michael Zaslow will this summer take on the role of David Reynolds on OLTL.David is Cassie's father,and Dorian's lover from year's past.It wouldn't be unlikely to see a rekindling of Dorian and David's hot romance...

*Bill and Joyce Corrington are no longer penning Capitol.Their replacements are Peggy O'Shea and Ira Wallach,formerly of OLTL.Sources predict a blossoming romance between Trey and Sloane,and talk at a later date,that Trey might fall for Clarissa-which could make for an interesting older woman/younger man storyline.

*Replacing Carolyn Jones as Myrna is Marj Dusay...everyone is much enthused about Dusay's performance.

*Brian Fronz.formerly head of daytime programming at CBS,has left his job to replace Jeff Ryder in that same position at NBC, Apparently,NBCis doing everything in its power to up its dismal daytime ratings.

*Eileen Fulton,who has played Lisa on ATWT for over 20 years,has left the show.Proctor &Gamble is negotiating to see if she might return from time to time.Ms Fulton has been unhappy with her role for some time.

*Pam Long has become head writer of Guiding Light.Long also write for Texas,so it's not suprising that Gail Kobe,GL's new exec producer would want the acress/writer penning scripts.

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Oh, okay. Thanks. I can only imagine though if he had stayed with CBS and worked his way up the ranks and currently held Barbara Bloom's position, what CBS Daytime would be like now. Probably not too far from it's current craptastic state... it just would have gotten there sooner.

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