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NY Daily News Article

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Thanks to San from SZ

Alexis goes into

coma at 'Hospital'

NY Daily News


Alexis gave birth to a healthy baby yesterday in an underground train tunnel, and today she'll flatline on "General Hospital."

"She says goodbye to everybody and slips into a coma," says Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays Alexis.

Courtney and Jax care for baby Molly, while Alexis hovers near death, is rescued and rushed to the hospital.

"She has a very restful coma and then wakes up [next week] in the hospital and has a fight with Ric. 'By the way, we don't have to stay together if you don't want to. I know you said all those nice things because you thought I was dying, but now I'm okay, so we can still get divorced.'"

But Ric doesn't want a divorce.

"While she was in labor, they pledged their love - la de dah - and pledged allegiance to each other forever," says Grahn. "But Alexis doesn't believe he meant it. So she offers him an out."

Ric doesn't take it.

"Yes, it appears they're in it for the long haul, which on soaps is very short," says Grahn. "Alexis thinks it would be a good idea to baptize the baby at the hospital. Maybe she's still feeling the aftermath of some heavy medication and has decided she's very religious. Now she's Catholic!"

While Alexis' health is touch-and-go for awhile, little Molly is surprisingly healthy considering the circumstances of her birth.

"It will make for a good story when she's older," jokes Grahn. "'Mommy, what was it like the night I was born?' 'Well, honey, I was in gravel and dirt. Luckily for us, there was a fisherman on the train with some fishing line for them to use to suture me. It was all done very quickly with a butter knife and some asthma medication and a little vodka. I numbed the pain and you came right out.'"

The baptism goes just as smoothly.

"They have a lovely tender moment, which Alexis appreciates after being 500 years pregnant for so long," says the actress.

And then?

"You don't want to focus on the happiness for too long. I think Alexis should get pregnant again. She can beat [Molly's birth] for sure. Next time, she'll do it dangling from a helicopter or scuba diving," jokes the actress. "That would be a real water birth!"

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