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See I heard from a friend of a friend who's sister is an editor at a magazine whose secretary goes to her sisters hair stylist that a certain person is threatened by the hotness of a certain other cast member.

In response to 12 women with barbie doll issues and misplaced sexual frustration, the entire writing staff and have been ordered by days to officially turn down the hotness in order to nip the problem in the bud.

From now on, no actors over 5'9'' will be hired.

No one will be allowed to be shirtless except insipid teenagers, who everyone depises anyway, in any one episode.

Steven Nichols and Drake Hogestyn will be issued standard old man paunches and be required to slouch whenever they are on-screen.

No foreign acents will be allowed, except for perhaps Mandarin, or bad German(think Rolf, not Victor Newman).

Married couples will be sexlesss , TOUNGE-less, and will get screen time only to deal with their childrens birth control or bicker about routine domestic issues.

When faced with bad dialouge or resistant females, men can and will be encouraged to yell LOUDER in order for the message to get through.

Through these specific measures, the show hopes to improve ratings and mollify its constituency. God Forbid that the show could be anything but the valid moral compass of family drama that is the staple of all daytime dramas!

OK..LMAO...I have officiallylost my mind to the sopa opera boards! :P

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    • The Rauch version seemed abruptly truncated in comparison to the full one—like the video and audio weren't actually edited at all for that, they just deleted a whole portion—but with a little money put in upfront to it could have worked.  So many memorable scenes in the early '90s had included that theme as background and/or picked up the next day and segued into that opening...even the brief hint of that music evokes memories for me.  Not to mention, they would have saved money in the long run without having to update cast photos or keep paying for new openings. I doubt you could prove a connection with ratings, but I actually think it's interesting that Y&R has remained the highest rated for so long and DAYS is (was?) one of the last soaps, while both stuck with their original theme songs.  And each theme became part of broader pop culture in some unexpected ways over the years: Mary J Blige, Close Encounters, etc.  Who's to say that kind of free publicity didn't help keep those shows on casual viewers' minds at some point?  But it's also a case of the chicken and the egg - a mainstream entertainment project would probably not give that kind of shout-out to a soap or its theme music if both weren't so familiar to people.
    • Yes to all of this. I mean I wouldn’t have mind seeing Nate find success and media attention with his Ask MD website or whatever but the switch to a media executive was the worst. 
    • Honestly, as long as they don't do the shaky cam stuff, I've been thinking it's bad enough now to lean into the Peapack model. Film at a real courthouse on the weekend instead of making a set, a real park instead of Chancellor park....
    • Jon Michael Reed in an Afternoon TV review of GL criticized the 75-81 theme as looking and sounding like a Tampax commercial.
    • RHOM What a chaotic but absolutely great show. Miami just gets better with every episode.  I've always loved Las Cubanas, but they have gotten very mean-girl-clique. Alexia has always been such a great RH, but last season's success has gone to her head. She is disdainful of Adriana (who, though hard to like by some, was 100% in the right( and lowkey threatened by Nicole. Larsa is, too. I can't believe Larsa is swanning around, photographing her feet in lucite heels, thinking that qualifies as work and that this makes her superior to a full-time anesthesiologist. Bringing in the lawyers could have been so contrived (which it was), but it was so breezy and the lawyers were in on the joke of it all.  I can't believe I once found Lenny hot. Those were gaslighting, threatening words the Peacock mics picked up. No wonder those sweet kids are acting out. They are confused and probably feel lowkey abandoned by their father for this new hoe.
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