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ATWT Spoilers: Week of 6/18/07

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ATWT Spoilers: Weeek of June 18th

Compiled and revised from various Internet sources


Jack and Carly go to Chicago to bring Parker back home while Katie, upon Carly's request, stays home with Sage and J.J. Somewhere along the way, CarJack shares a special moment which Katie unknowingly interrupts. When they return, a familiar tune brings Parker to tears as he apologizes to Carly for never giving her a chance.


Jade threatens Will's life. An unconcious Will is later found by an unknown woman. Meanwhile, Gwen and the rest of the crew make plans for their big trip tp Branson. Little do they know that Cleo has love-oriented plans of her own which include a happily ever after with Will.


Paul and Meg kiss, unaware that a furious Craig has caught them red-handed. Craig slips away and begins to think of ways to seek revenge on Meg and Paul. When Paul has another vision, he races to stop the wedding. However, it's too late and Meg is now Mrs. Montgomery and holding the fate of Worldwide in her hands. While everyone waits at the Lakeview for the reception, Craig whisks Meg away to their honeymoon destination. Meg bgins to notice that not everything is as it seems with her new hubby. With a deperate Paul following close behind the newlyweds, Craig drugs Meg, lays her in bed, and sends Paul a text message on her cell phone. Paul is shocked to find Craig waiting for him instead of Meg, as Craig reveals that he knows what the two lovebirds were up to. Craig pulls out a gun, hoping to eliminate the problem, and might just get his wish when the battle over the gun takes a deadly turn and Paul plunges over Shadow Cliff.


Alison and Dusty continue to hide their one night stand in Vegas. But when Emily tells Dusty that she wants no more secrets between them, it makes it a whole lot harder for Dusty to keep his one night stand with her baby sister under wraps. Meanwhile, Alison gets her job back at Al's and is flabbergasted by a customer's order. The customer? Aaron. The order? One side of relationship reconciliation, please.

Other spoilers:

Luke begins to develop feelings for Noah, whether he likes it or not.

Vienna proposes that she and Henry go into business together and run their own spa.

Coming Soon:

The teen scene heads to Branson.

Carly and Brad team up to break up Jack and Katie, while Jack and Katie team up to keep Carly and Brad from trying to break them up.

Casting News:

Robin Mattson is still with ATWT in a recurring capacity for now. Word has it that she'll still have airtime even after KMH's maternity leave.

Cady McClain returns to the ATWT studios to begin taping on Monday, June 18th.

Daytime vet Daniel Hugh Kelly has been cast as Noah's dad. No character name, details, or first airdate are known.

The part of abused barmaid "Sophie" is still being cast.


Rick Stear: "Pilot", June 20th

Joe Maruzzo: "Private Investigator", June 21st and 22nd

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EEEEEEEEE!! MyPaul is free soon!!! Of course, it's probably only temporary because I'm sure he'll be stuck in the same story when he returns but a girl can dream! :) :)

And not long after, MyEmily will be free! And I can dream, at least til she returns and they zap the hope from me again lol, that she's going to come back to a better story.

I have zilcho sympathy for Meg. I know they are trying to paint her as the victim but I'm not buying it for a second.

And EEEEE to the CarJack moment!

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Feeling very sick about Peg...but good thing is that Paul is not truly dead. Bad thing is that Meg might actually sleep with Craig if my theory comes true....ILL.

The CarJack scene will only serve to make them united on Parker and let Parker love Carly again (not that he ever stopped. He was just in denial).

The Jackass and The Tramp can have each other.

Carly needs to be independent, vivacious, sexy, and confident in her own abilities and talents without any man. Throwing her at Jack like she needs to be saved by him is beyond fake to me. Especially after all the things hes said the last few weeks and then the drama of last year.

Noah and Luke are gonna have glued to the scene every day.

God I just want Jade to GROW UP.

Emily/Dusty/Alison/Aaron? Interested but not to a high level. Glad to see Agim Kaba is back though. He's looking hotter than ever.

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Just making an observation Dusty.....You wrote Carly and Jack go to Chicago to bring Parker while Katie stays at home with Parker and JJ?....LOL :huh::lol::P Are there two Parkers on the show...one good and one evil? :P Just joking with ya...hehe

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