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Kay Alden facts & question

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Have been just visiting IMDb.com and was surprised to learn that two of Alden's children appeared on Y&R. Is this true???

Her daughter apparently played Betsy Sanderson in 1987 (she was the child of amnesiac Farren Connor aka Michelle Sanderson) and her son is said to have played Nick Newman in his childhood days in the early 90s. Does anyone remember reading about this in SOD or so?

To end with a real fact

4 Emmy wins for Y&R, 8 nominations

A true gem!

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Thanks for confirming this, Dee!

As much as I love Kay Alden and I'm sure her daughter Conci has become a bright and beautiful woman but dare I say that "Betsy" wasn't the most stunning kid back in the day.

I couldn't stand the Y&R children anyway during that period: that albino Victoria, Christian Millan (?), always annoyed the heck out of me. But who knows, maybe she would be a better actress than Amelia Heinle nowadays? LOL!

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