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ATWT: Friday June 15 Episode

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:lol: Wow, Michael, you ok, man?! :P:lol: Gah, that's funny!!

I knew J.J.'d spill his guts.

Loved seeing Martha today :D Looking HOT as usual. :P

Ali/Dusty=Gag me.....If only Lucy could see Ali eating her wordsNOW!!..from back when Ali used to lecture to Lucy about the age difference between "Lusty". :rolleyes: Talk about a "hypocrite"!

Aaron/Agim looks good. He always has had a big fan in me. :) I'm glad he came back to ATWT.

Was I the only one REALLY CONFUSED by Cleo saying she had a backup plan to stop Jade for good and pulling out the "J" necklace?! :blink::huh:

Previews look good.

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I thought today was better than average. OMG, Aaron came home, and didn't just pop in in the last minute! LOL..what a shock. Did he ever even talk to Emily before? I don't think so...but now he's like her best bud. I will say this for Agim, I think he's bringing a maturity to Aaron he didn't have before. I think the time away did him some good.

OMG...I thought the Carjack scenes were awesome. (*eyeroll* I'm sure that had nothing to do with Katie-did's name not even being uttered today...did we actually have TWO days of Carjack scenes without that bitch sticking her nose in the middle of their discussions? *oh, happy happy joy joy days!*) Carjack work together so much better than apart...sigh.

I liked that Lily/Faith sat down and talked about stuff. And I'm awesomely surprised the Lily/Carly business seems to be going full steam ahead.

I even liked the Dusty/Ali stuff...even if I think they totally chickened out by having Ali just woken up from her dream. I can't believe Ali thinks not telling Em is some kind of "lie". "I know she has feelings for you..."?????? WTH??? I hate the potential Dusty/Em pairing anyway...it's just stupid after what she did to him.

The only downer was the Cleo stuff. When did Will become her defender? And yeah...how did Cleo manage to get that necklace from Jade? I don't think Jade ever takes it off, period.

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