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Top Ten Reasons Why I Love SON


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1) I can come here and talk about soaps and no one makes fun of me like they do at work, that awful place.

2) When I say someone is a witch, I can be referring to Passions Tabitiha and no one will question me.

3) The blogs. There are so many talented writers here that should be writing for the soaps. Can you imagine a Days with Maggie killing half of Salem, Santa Barbara still on the air, the ability to get a huge ass cruise ship into Salem, storylines where the gay person actually gets a love interest and new spins on old soaps. How awesome does that get?

4) The spoilers. I am a spoiler queen and I love finding out what happens before it happens.

5) The fact that I have found friends here that I hope will remain friends and realize that for me, they make SON what it is

6) Have you ever noticed how hot the boys are here? Whether you are a straight girl like me or a gay man, you pretty much are in Heaven. So many boys here are crush worthy. I even dreamnt of one today

7) In The Zone. How much fun is that? When you can get your voice heard because someone who will remain nameless talks faster than a sailor coming home from leave after six months.

8) The fact that you can pretty much find anyone here who will like exactly what you do. Be it a love of Kimberlin Brown, Vanessa Marcil, Big Brother, Passions, Days, General Hospital, Drucilla, the list goes on. You can also find people who will hate what you do. That list is so long and I do havbe to go to work tomorrow

9) The members here. The members make this a community and everyone here has made me feel like I belong. I respect you all. I don't know all of you but that's ok. I would like to get to know you all. Everyone here makes me smile, laugh, angry and want to smash the computer. Just like a family.

10) The staff. I think you deserve a big thank you for everything you all do. I for one appreciate everything all of you do. It's a thankless job and you don't get paid. Like everyone, you guys make mistakes. And we may not like the decisions but I think its a lot better than it was before. The five administrators and three moderators deserve a big thank you, IMO, and a note of appreciation.

Why do you love SON?

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1) The board rules are simple and very easy to follow. I was just suspended from another board for something I do not think I did, but it's cool. Some boards have stricter rules than others.

2) The radio show. I love calling in to In the Zone. Ryan and Navell are two of the coolest people, on these boards. It is also great to hear voices and match them to posters

3) The fact that we can all get along even though we have different opinions. That is essential in a message board.

4) The spoilers are great. I always look forward to them

5) Our reporters are great. I love the reports.

6) I'm straight, Tyler is Bi, and we can be a supercouple without hitting the sheets, and or anyone talking [!@#$%^&*]!! :lol:

7) Ryan Chandler

8) No FAN wars. I hate hate hate couples junkies. I love that we dont have any fanbase wars or coupleheads. That is SO great

9) My name is Jay Vanderburg one day, Jay the next, in a matter of hours. The staff here is so dedicated and quick and on task. It is great. Thanks a lot.

10) I could share my divorce with members and not be judged. I have formed a bond with almost all of the members here and I feel that I could tell them things I couldnt even tell my own family. I'm glad you all have my back and I want you all to know, I have yours. :)

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SON: Survivor.

DaysFanJean, I'm still upset you cracked the AIM code before I did and voted me out! :lol:......... <_<

SON: Big Brother.

I loved the games, until it went to hell in a handbasket.

Juniorz, I'll never forget you not voting to keep my ass in the game. :(

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It hurts me to think LOL, such as trying to list ten reasons so here are mine randomly.

Thanks for this thread, Tishy. You are a joy and one reason SON is such a delight.

WTGH, thanks for helping me achieve what has been the most fun thing I've done and attained in more years than I can remember. You have no idea how much fun cracking that code before you was LOL, but I still thought you beat me to it. How close could we have been. It was nearly a dead-on tie (and you would have voted me out LOL).

I came here to find Days fans who shared the sorts of views I'm interested in reading. Knowledgeable, visionary, fun, mature, goofy, but all relevant and something to appreciate and either learn from or laugh with.

Then I found the American Idol thread and knew I found home.

Discussing the Primetime shows I enjoy with the members is great.

Love the games but I'm still having problems from the stroke and leaving them alone for a while longer.

The administrator and mods are super.

The layout of the board makes everything easy to find and replying simple.

Finding friendship, laughs, intelligent remarks, new ideas, games and fun, I guess it's like a community center to meet and pass the time of day and just enjoy it.

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1. R!ck I always love his posts about music and most of his taste comes close to mine

2. I'm not banned for my Hilson banner or for liking Hilson at all.

3. Nobody ever mocked me for the fact that I like Hunt Block

4. It's possible to post you don't like a character or actor/actress without getting death threats

5. I'm from The Netherlands and not all US soaps are aired here but whenever I have a question about a soap that's not aired here people answer it without making me feel I actually live on another planet.

6.Actor87 he once made a beautifull Hunt Block banner for me I'm not using it anymore but it was really a nice thing to do since I never asked him for one.

7.The political discussions wether I agree with them or not they're always interresting to read

Sorry I can't think of any more :unsure:

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