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Bye everyone!


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I'll just keep this short and sweet.

After much thought, I too have decided to leave SON.

Thanks to Errol, the staff, and of course the members.

You guys have been my online family for the past 7+ years.

I'll miss you all.



PS. I've also decided to step down as leader of the James E. Reilly Alliance.

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Chill there Dusty, calm down. HoganStays isn't the only one who doesn't want to go through this again. Seems like every day one of these threads is popping up. Nobody wants to see this.

That said, I'll miss ya Toups! You were a HUGE help to me over at AltSON- and don't think I'll ever forget that. You were my calm in the storm & I appreciated all of the talks we had & the work you did on my account.

I'm hoping that you're only stepping down as a mod/Admin, but will continue to post with us!

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Oh Lord no. Please no. Toups you and I never really talked to each other but I LOVED your posts on SON and you were a great admin!!!!!

The co-founder of SON leaving! This is bad! I think we need to all pitch in and just try as hard as we can to report posts that are offensive or break rules, WHATEVER IT TAKES TO FIX SON!

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