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February 12-16, 2007


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I rank the daily numbers by viewers, not ratings. Kind of like in the statistics that are posted at the top of the page - we have the HH ratings (3.3, 3.1) rank and we have the HH viewer rank (4,000,000, 3,554,000, etc....).

First, this happens often. Last week (this weeks numers) alone:


1.(1) Y&R: Tuesday: 4.8/6,379,000 (+457,000)

2.(3) B&B: Tuesday: 3.6/4,643,000 (+542,000)

3.(2) GH: Tuesday: 3.3/4,291,000 (+28,000)

4.(5) AMC: Tuesday: 2.9/3,855,000 (+452,000)

5.(6) ATWT: Tuesday: 3.0/3,798,000 (+513,000)

6.(4) OLTL: Tuesday: 2.8/3,574,000 (+50,000)

7.(7) DAYS: Tuesday: 2.7/3,441,000 (+337,000)

8.(8) GL: Tuesday: 2.6/3,286,000 (+555,000)

9.(9) PSNS: Tuesday: 2.0/2,417,000 (+539,000)


1.(1) Y&R: Thursday: 4.6/6,108,000 (-239,000)

2.(3) B&B: Thursday: 3.3/4,342,000 (-166,000)

3.(2) GH: Thursday: 3.1/4,053,000 (-572,000)

4.(7) DAYS: Thursday: 2.4/3,292,000 (-64,000)

5.(4) AMC: Thursday: 2.6/3,200,000 (-789,000)

6.(5) ATWT: Thursday: 2.4/3,108,000 (-384,000)

7.(6) OLTL: Thursday: 2.4/3,035,000 (-341,000)

8.(8) GL: Thursday: 2.3/2,903,000 (-383,000)

9.(9) PSNS: Thursday: 1.4/1,839,000 (-457,000)


1.(1) Y&R: Friday: 4.6/6,057,000 (-51,000)

2.(2) B&B: Friday: 3.4/4,197,000 (-145,000)

3.(3) GH: Friday: 3.0/4,016,000 (-37,000)

4.(5) AMC: Friday: 2.7/3,334,000 (+134,000)

5.(7) OLTL: Friday: 2.5/3,193,000 (+158,000)

6.(6) ATWT: Friday: 2.6/3,154,000 (+46,000)

7.(4) DAYS: Friday: 2.4/3,066,000 (-226,000)

8.(8) GL: Friday: 2.3/2,891,000 (-12,000)

9.(9) PSNS: Friday: 1.5/1,933,000 (+94,000)

As Steve has explaind 3 billion times (to me included), lol, thanks Steve. A household can equal just one viewer or 5, 7, 8 viewers can be in ONE household. 1 or 3 or 8 viewers in a Nielsen home equals just ONE HOUSEHOLD no matter how many or how little viewers are in that household. Typically every viewer in a household will be included in the viewer count (3,455,000), but if there's 4 viewers in one Nielsen household that equals one Nielsen household going into the ratings (3.3, 3.1). That said for the AMC/DAYS one, what that means is that there were more smaller households watching AMC that particular day so they got a higher rating (2.6) than DOOL (2.4) who probably had larger households watching but less overall households watching.

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I think this weeks ratings are something to be happy about. The majority of daytime showed marked improvements over the previous week and previous week last year. I'm loving that B&B was able to hold onto 2nd place among total viewers. I will say that GH deserves kudos for putting up a valiant effort to take the #2 position. I'm really enjoying B&B and hopefully CBS will promote its 20th Anniversary and its ratings will increase even further.

As for NBC, they have so disenfranchised their viewers that I think these ratings are their comeuppance. Days is a very good show, but I have to agree with the majority of the posters Hogan definitely needs to take it up a notch. And Passions, I miss the show terribly and it still breaks my heart to know it will be gone in a few months.

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Sadly I think that may be part of the problem. Any fan who has heard about this has got to be thinking why get involved in a show that is done in less than three years? Everyone who watches soaps thinks long-term unlike prime time viewers. Start telling them early they are wasting their time and watch them flee. It was a stupid move purely from a marketing stand point. Which is too bad because while the show is sometimes boring at least not lately it is insulting my intelligence. I just wish they would pick it up a pace.

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Yup. I completely agree.

February has been very dull. But I do think a small part of it has to do with the fact that word has begun spreading that Days will be done in 2009, and nobody wants to invest in something that's terminally ill.

I'm not making excuses for Hogan. I've enjoyed everything he's done thus far -- everything. The show is in a dull slump right now, and if I find myself hating everything six months down the road, I'll gladly say so. I'm not one to keep my mouth shut. February was dull, but not bad. Entertaining, but slow (story-wise).

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Great posts Kenny & Canfan. And I am sure that some of what you are saying is true. We all know Days fans are a very fickle bunch.

But look at GL. For at least a year now there has been no hope given by the media to GL's fans for the shows survival. Everyone says it is done. Has that stopped the faithful GL fans. Has it stopped Kreizman & Wheeler?

They kept on - building the stories, taking it to new places, pulling out all the stops they can. And even though they don't even have all the affiliates that the other CBS shows do, and even though they are not shown at the same time everywhere - even airing at 10:00 a.m. a day late in many areas - the faithful fans have stuck with it. Kreizman & Wheeler keep doing the best they can with the small budget they have.

Not every fan likes it, but ever since the fall they have been going up with a little slip in January but since then they have been on fire. And even this week got close to Days. And have even beaten both OLTL & AMC or tied with them in the last 4 months.

I know soap fans are different from show to show, but I just feel the lack of excitement and intrigue or the lack of something to pull people in lately has had more affect than the cancellation plans. With the cancellation stuff coming 2nd.

The biggest disappointment for me is that if Corday and Sheffer had been thinking they could have really helped themselves so much in February. They had to have gotten some kind of notice from Nielsen that the College Ratings would start being counted in February. That was a natural boost for Days - everyone knew that Days was destined to get a boost from those ratings alone. If they had just planned the stories better and kept things going Days could have taken advantage of that.

But no what happens. Even with the college ratings being counted now - Days drops all the way to 3rd in the 18-34 demo - a demo that they have held onto #1 for so long even without the added college counts. That is not good.

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With the exception of Amanda Beall writing solo, I think the AMC daywriting- the dialogue, has gotten really bad over at least the past year. I'm not completely sure why, but I think they've gotten rid of some of their stronger day to day writers.

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I agree with you about the characters except for Lucas & Sami - no one has gotten them for awhile. JER didn't and Hogan is missing something with them. There is no reason they should be so dull. But yes he knows the characters well.

I think the last time I enjoyed Lumi so much as a couple was under JER during the SSK story or right after when Julie and Maggie were working with them. That was a good time in the Lumi stuff. They had some of their spark and were coming together. That is one of the only things JER did right during his last tenure.

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Kenny your right.

Hogan knows the characters now. He has the stories pretty much set up. Now is the time to push the go button and let them fly.

Part of me wonders if Days is going to wait and go all out for May and the summer with teens and college students out since that is when ratings Days always seem to do well (as well as during holidays). They may be trying to hook fans then. I hope not. I understand that motivation but that is too long to wait.

Anyway, so far I love what I hear about March. At the very least, it seems like alot more is happening. I don't think who gets screentime is as big a factor as things happening almost daily. If things happen, ratings will reflect that. Days has good numbers for LUMI's proposal but that is because it was something happening. The days when things don't happen get lower numbers. Things need to move and, if they do, Days will be fine. I feel like big things are coming but they need to come soon.

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If you asked a month ago, I would agree but I really like where they went with them this month. When Lucas supported Sami after what she did to Kate, it reminded me of the old days between them. I think the writing for them has been much better this month so I think Hogan has grown to understand them.

In addition, I don't think the cancellation issue is anything but a minor problem. I have seen some shows have cancellation issues or that had fans knowing they were nearing the end and the ratings went up in some cases. I just think it's a matter of very little in the way of notable things happening.

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I found this to be pretty interesting the first number comes from

August 29th - September 2 2005

1. Y&R 5,175,000 (-395,000/+167,000)

Now for last weeks total viewers:

1. Y&R 6,162,000 (+121,000/+799,000)

That's nearly 1 million more viewers than they had in 2005, and I even found a few that were almost below 5 million in 2006. Just thought that was interesting, guess LML must be doing something right.

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