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  1. Lovin the Models Inc Love! LOVED Models INC mostly because all of the models. I followed it more on E! in its afterlife then when it was on. I was hoping that it would come out on DVD but after a while I gave up and bought an "unofficial" set from someone who taped the show. I love watching it now though the beginning was a little rough around the edges. I loved Stephanie Ramonov, Cassidie Rae and of course Carrie Anne Moss who went on to hit it big in Matrix.
  2. I am savoring every moment of season 3 right now and just pre-ordered season 4. From the bits and pieces I catch on SoapNet Season 4 is the last awesome season and I believe Season 5 was when I just stopped watching. Kimberly was my all time favorite and Amanda of course and then Jo. So many awesome moments on this show though. I loved it then and love it now, everything always seem well planned and it was VERY easy to get under the skin of these characters.
  3. Last Night- P. Diddy ft. Keisha Cole.
  4. I'll Look After You- The Fray
  5. I'm lovin their new album too. Makes Me Wonder is on my list right now too.
  6. Wait For You- Nelly Furtado Umbrella- Rihanna Like A Boy- Ciara
  7. I love this song too!! Awesome choice. I am listening to it like crazy. And I thought I heard the Coldplay version but I may have been mistaken. Is it better?
  8. Rihanna- Umbrella I'm so addicted to it.
  9. No!! I would love to though! Got a link? Maybe I will search for it on limewire or somewhere online. I love Nelly and I'm sure the mix is probably wicked too!! Oh and on my playlist right now.. Buttons- Pussycat Dolls
  10. Loving the Nelly Furtado love!!
  11. Disturbia Wasn't bad at all...
  12. That's been on the top of my play list too LOL. Along with No Hay Igual by Nelly Furtado; If Anyone Cared by Nickelback and Love Stoned by Justin Timberlake
  13. I love Izzie this season... not seeing the hate, she doesn't like Callie and she's acting on it, can definitely relate. I also agree with Mike she is grieving and is entitled but I don't think she's being ruined at all. Not so sure about Izzie and George but it was still a lot of fun to watch. GA is really just putting other shows to shame with its constant deliverance of excellent drama.
  14. I also liked the I Believe speech. And the fact that she threw the Callie thing in there seemed kind of right, I don't know, it gelled with this group, it's the kind of thing that they do LOL. Callie has been acting like a snob lately so I hope that changes for George's sake. Anyways, fricken good show. The emotions were riveting.
  15. The mnake up on Meredith was amazing. I see people like that all the time... die! I wonder if they are going to do an entire death thing with her? You can't pronounce someone dead until you bring them back to normal temperatures so maybe that is where the show is going... Or maybe she's dying? (LOL. not). Good drama here though!!
  16. Wow this show just continues to amaze me. IA with ABC hyping it up but I guess they have to since it is sweeps and all, but seriously I don't think they need to b/c the show is just amazing. The character dynamics are what drive this show, it's them that make these events seem so amazing (unlike ER, IMO). The show delivered IMO.
  17. WOW, Greys is really the best show on television. Through out the whole episode I knew it couldn't just last for one eppy. I had a feeling she would fall over but wasn't too sure, that was awesome! I hope those babies make it. This episode was just brilliant. What good TV is made up of.
  18. Whoa. Go GREYS!! It's amazing that a show has finally OUSTED CSI. Grey deserves it. This is going to be interesting to say the least, especially when the show gets BIGGER. This show has now definitely established it and all the "Desperate Housewives" lead-in talk can be put to a rest.
  19. IA with those that say there was not much to talk about. It seemed like a March kind of episode instead of a September one. For a show that is so big on the bang I expected something more well... bangin! LOL. In any case, It was still excellent. Definitely no drop in quality or interest value. Just... a bit not what I would've wanted after not seeing it for so long!! What i liked was the flashbacks to back in the day. I think the show has finally established itself where flashbacks are important to us!! I hope it does well. I've never seen CSI, and am not interested in it and think that GA is a great competitor for it!!
  20. Red Eye Was pretty good but nothing "must see". It was like watching an episode of 24.
  21. I just saw the 40 Year Old Virgin... I thought the movie was horrible! It sucked [[email protected]#$%^&*]! It was so long... pointless... tried so hard to be funny... I don't know where the good reviews for this movie came from.
  22. I recently saw Harold and Kumar go to White Castle... it was hillarious... stupid kind of funny.
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