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All:What soap characters would you want brought back from the dead?

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Even though the back from the dead plot device has really worn out it's welcome on soaps who would you bring back from dead if you were writing the show?

Here are my picks:

AMC: Dixie Martin(again),Trevor Dillon,Natalie Dillon

OLTL: Mitch Lawrence,Gabrielle Medina,Al Holden,Duke Buchanan

GH: Justus Ward,AJ Quartermaine,Alan Quartermaine,Faith Rosco,Courtney Matthews,Tony Jones

Y&R: Ryan McNeil,John Abbott

B&B: Macy Alexander,Darla Einstein Forrester

ATWT: Paul and Emily's baby girl Jenny,Jennifer Munson Donovan,Rose D'Angelo

GL: Maureen Bauer,Roger Thorpe

DAYS: Samantha Evans

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