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Guiding Light cancelled?

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Please bear in mind that I am not Sylvia Browne and in no way am affiliated with the other world. I'm just a commoner like the rest of you, who's paid attention over the years.



Thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen. This has been juniorz1, with another not so groundbreaking NewsFlash. Tomorrow, read about why Roseanne wasn't cast as Babe Chandler......

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Exactly!! Why change what doesn't need changed. GL is at the bottom of the ratings, but they remain *stable* and are not up and down or all over the place. GL doesn't need to go anywhere and I can't see DAYS on CBS.

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Let's put it this way.

CBS would never cancell GL as we approach the 70th anniversary. It's not their style and it seems it's not true anyway so that dispels that.

Now, onto Days, it will not end in 2009. It may be the end of Days as we know it but it will find a new home. I, personally, don't want any soap to be cancelled for it and I am saying this is a Days fan. The selfish part of me does but I like ATWT and GL too and watch them all the time (ATWT is boring right now but I digress) and would never want them canned for Days. Think of things if you were fans of the shows being cancelled to make room for another show. How would you feel? Those saying GL or any soap should be cancelled so that another show can move should think about how they would feel if the shoe was on the other foot.

However, if ATWT and/or GL was cancelled this year (we don't nothing yet just speculation as their contracts expire soon) and CBS picked up Days a year or so later after putting something else in the time slots or something then I could live with it because they would've not went from one soap to bringing in soap from another network. I think that may be better PR-wise but that won't happen. If it happens, they will cancel a soap and move Days in.

The bottom line is Days will have a new home. The easiest thing is to get ratings up and have a miracle happen and it stays on NBC but that is looking bleak no matter which why you look at it. I know I would never want to be someplace where I'm not wanted and NBC clearly doesn't want them. ABC is the likely candidate for Days but, again, I don't want any soap removed for Days. I just think it will happen and it's the reality of it. I know many question why ABC or CBS would want to bring another soap in with the genre how it is and all but Days is different. It's one of the big 3 along with GH and Y&R. It's popularity is massive. The networks know that. It's not like SFT-a move could work. Not saying it will for sure but it could because Days is hugely popular. It's just the reality of the issue at hand.

This sucks all around. It seems like rumors and bad news is coming every one or two days. The Passions news sparked something. 2007 is already turning out to be a horrible year of upheaval.

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