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Guiding Light cancelled?

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While you're right, I don't see why a show couldn't replace a cancelled show. It's called a cycle. One show goes out and another fills its place. It's been happening for the past 50 years. How do you think these soaps came to be? One was cancelled and they produced another. Instead of having to produce a brand new soap that would call for fans peeking interest, CBS could gain a lot for bringing DAYS, a huge soap with much fan support, over. I see nothing wrong with that.

Please! While Errol is a man of many wonders, he's no psychic. While ABC seems like the likely choice for DAYS if they're cancelled on NBC, I can see CBS gaining interest as well if GL is taken off the air. CBS cares about older viewers and have for some time. DAYS is gaining it's old viewers back, slowly. CBS likes to pull of those teen stunts in the summer. DAYS has an amazing teen scene right now. DAYS and Y&R are both produced by Sony. There's a lot of connection between DAYS and Y&R.

I'm just saying that CBS would be pretty smart to take over DAYS. And I'm parying that it happens. Sad to see GL go, but really, it's their time. They're definitely the next soap to go, rightfully.

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It IS fake.

First of all, in news (even Internet news), there ARE paragraph breaks, lol.

Also, yahoo! news would NOT air on geocities.com. It would be news.yahoo.com, or something like that.

Having said that, it amazes me how some losers have SO much time on their hands to do something like this. I mean, jack the Yahoo! web design and logo JUST to piss off "GL" fans.

There are SOME crazy soap fans out there.

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Please, Christ almighty, let this be NOT TRUE.

I expected the death of daytime to happen soon, but not all within a month! Damn!

As soon as one network makes a move, all the others seem more than eager to just throw in the towel, too. Argh!

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