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Michael Logan's Worst of 2006

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Michael Logan/TV Guide, picked his Worst of 2006 and AMC is prominent in 3 of his 4 categories..I didn't post his comments on the other shows.

Special Victims Unit:

ABC always took such great pride in its cutting edge plots of AMC's creator Agnes Nixon, particularly in 1973 when Susan Lucci's, Erica, had the first legal abortion on TV. But last February Nixon's successor, Megan McTavish, revealed that Erica didn't have an abortion after all. Her embryo was stolen by a mad doctor and is now alive! It seems this same doctor also performed a lobotomy on Nixon, who got on the phone with me and claimed she was perfectly OK with the revisionist history.

The Worst Plots:

Then there's Zarf. AMC is risking big viewer turnoff with this landmark story-not because Zarf is a transgender but because she's an annoying, self-obsessed bore.

Ick Factor:

The biggest gross-out of the year? No, it wasn't JR peeing on Josh on AMC. Or Mac dating his nieces on Days of Our Lives. Or the discussion about baby Tommy's farts on OLTL. It was the scene on AMC where 15 year old Colby begged her daddy, Adam, for advice on oral sex. I'm so proud to be a a soap fan.

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Wow, the Zarf storyline played for ONE DAY in 2006, and that's the worst plot? How about this shitty Jack/Erica/Jeff thing? Or the stuff with Annie and Ryan. I think those qualify more.

Did that really happen?! My word...the show really WAS a disgusting piece of filth last year...good God. Can someone please tell me about this? Or do I even want to know more about it?

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I am LIVID about the destruction of AMC, a once great show! :angry: Anne Sweeney, Brian Frons, Megan McTavish & Julie Hanan Carruthers (SFMC) expertly carved out AMC soul & continue to trash it with Zarf/Barf! :angry: AMC used to be my FAV show, now that "honor" goes to Y&R. There is nothing on AMC that interest me. NOTHING. And I rarely watch any TV show just cuz of 1 storyline.

Nixon being perfectly OK with UNabortion is a CROCK! :angry: I'm her true feelings about it were never made in public.

I'll never forgive SFMC for what they did to Terri Ivens/Simone Torres & Julia Barr/Brooke English

Susan Lucci would die before she publicly criticized SFMC! She has clout, she's a mainstream actress who plays a mainstream character. But I guess her millions (Jewelry/Cosmetics line & other biz dealings) are more important to her. She's slowly turning into an ex-fav actress of mine. Lucci's appearance on Live With Regis & Kelly late Dec. '06 pissed me off! She was all smiles like everything is going well! :angry:

I didn't see JR piss on Josh but would have watched if I knew that would happen. :lol: I'm a JR fan/Anti-Josh member

Mac dating his nieces!? :angry: Seriously, Ken Corday: Stop with the incest & excessive & extreme SORASing! :angry:

Colby, begging her dad for advice on oral sex, is disgusting! :angry: Yep, she's the future of AMC, SFMC! :angry:

"AMC is risking big viewer turnoff with this landmark story-not because Zarf is a transgender but because she's an annoying, self-obsessed bore." WHAT THE F***!? :angry: How arrogantly liberal of Logan to say this! :angry: It seems to know what every viewer/prospective viewer knows & likes! Well, I never liked TV Guide anyway, so go figure. Entertainment Weekly is 10x better.

Is there a competititon on who can sink their shows to the lowest levels? Cuz I think SFMC (AMC/OLTL) & PGP (ATWT/GL) are in intense competition mode. Who's leading thus far? PGP, by the narrowest of margins.

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Here's the actual scene. Adam had caught Colby making out with some older guy. AMC had the WORST dialogue over the summer with the teens

Colby: I'm so sorry, Daddy. I -- I don't know how to make friends. The only friends I had on the run were the imaginary kind.

Adam: There's nothing imaginary about that meathead.

Colby: Mom was so paranoid. She'd freak out if she saw me talking to anyone. And forget slumber parties or school dances. I barely even got to know other girls' names.

Adam: Yeah, that's all very touching, but that doesn't excuse stripping down with a stranger on the beach.

Colby: I thought that's how you show a guy you're into him. Was I wrong? Was he wrong for kissing me?

Adam: There are laws -- there are laws against it.

Colby: Seriously? Sex?

Adam: Oh. Huh.

Colby: Liza never told me anything about sex. Now that we're together, I can learn all about my dad and sex -- from you.

Adam: Hmm.

Colby: Daddy, you're the coolest. And I have tons of questions about sex. Tons.

Adam: Let's not rush into this.

Colby: Can you get pregnant from oral sex?

Adam: Pregnant? No, don't even think about that.

Colby: Ok. So if I wanted to go on the pill, where do I get it?

Adam: No. No pills.

Colby: You just told me not to get pregnant. Ok, whatever. Moving on. How will I know if I'm a lesbian? And sex toys -- what are those?

Adam: Look, I'll buy you a book on the basics, and you can read it -- over the next few months while you're locked in your room.

Colby: What? This is bogus! I knew it. I knew you never cared about me.

Adam: Don't say that.

Colby: All those years, Mom said that we had to keep running, because I was your prize, and you wouldn't stop chasing after us until you won me.

Adam: Huh.

Colby: You know something? You weren't even in the game, Dad.

Adam: That's not so. That is not so.

Colby: No --

Adam: I -- I hired world-class private investigators. It cost me a bloody fortune.

Colby: Get a refund. We never even left the continent. And you expect me to believe that cha-ching Chandler got stumped by a few phony names and a couple fake IDs? Please. You let Mom steal me. You probably didn't even notice I was gone.

Adam: That's not true.

Colby: I grew up in hell because of you. I'm going back to her.

Adam: Colby, stop.

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Oh that's really not as bad as Logan made it out to be. Dialogue sucks and the scene could have been in a better place, but I was expecting...I don't know...Adam calling in Winifred (or Mary :wub: ) and making her get down on the patellas and demonstrate on him how it's done.

Bad images. Horrible, horrible images...

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Now wait a minute....Susan hasn't spoken out againt the fetus NO, but hasn't once defended him either. She talked that I know of, and believe you me, I follow this stuff closely, in the mags, ONCE about Josh and that was she revealed who he was. That was it. So this whole thing that she's somehow to blame for this, is crazy. And Susan is a team player. It's not like her to speak out, so I'm not surprised. But it seems to me, that her silence speaks louder then words ever could. Just my opinion.

As for Josh, we AMC fans fought our asses of for him and for Erica. I, persoanlly sold my soap soul and went against everything I've ever wanted or believed in terms of my AMC viewing to try and save them from this fate. There is only a few people who know and will ever know how long and how hard some of us fought for Josh. I perosnally saw to it (since i knew in August of last year that Josh was fetus), that the utmost hell was raised, and I'm damn proud of it. I can tell you for a fact that no one, no one, let MMT or Frons do this without a fight to the death. We went kicking and screaming, and there's still those of us who are kicking and screaming and always will be. Livid is just the tip of the ice berg.

Agnes Nixon's comments were textbook PR spin. I don't believe for half a second that AN knew what MMT was planning before MMT did it. Nope. So AN was, IMO, towing company line.

Megan McTavish is a to blame. Plain and simple. She said it herself, she wanted a Kane/Martin, and that's what she was going to get. That we (the fans) should just learn to deal with it, and shut up. She did this. And she deserves the blame.

OMG, I love him. Wow.LOL He took a shot at MMT, AN and the fetus all in one punch. :D

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Kenny, why'd u call me an idiot just cuz I don't watch DAYS & think anyone being romantically involved with a relative (or two) is ALWAYS disgusting (even 2nd cousins) !? :angry: DAYS is the most disgusting show! You hear that Ken Corday!? I bet Hogan Sheffer is must be very pleased with his $450K/year earnings. :lol: Anyone know how much Corday earns?

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LOL - am I wrong for actually thinking the Colby/Adam 'sex' talk was hilarious? Colby wasn't 100% serious with her questions either...she was more trying to get her father's mind off what had happened and playing naive so she wouldn't get in as much trouble. She wasn't really serious....

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