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ALL: What one character would you get rid of on your soaps

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Ok I thought this would be kind of different, normally we have things like which 5 or 10 characters would you get rid of, but I want to try something different, which one character on your soaps would you like to see gone and to never return again. I know this will be tough to just choose one, but I thought it would be kind of fun.

Here's mine:


Craig- I see no point to the character at all other than a plot devise to keep stories that revolve around him going for months on end.

Y&R: Brad- I have never liked the character and IMO he serves no purpose in GC at all

B&B: Ridge- can't stand the guy anymore, and his character has out lived itself and it is time for him to go.

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It's hard to just say just once.

Y&R: Colleen. This whiny brat serves absolutely no performance and Adrienne is lackluster in the role. She needs to enuciate.

GL: Leah. The character & actress are not needed.

ATWT: Jade. Boring.

B&B: Taylor. The character is too forced and unrealistic.

GH: Carly. I absolutely loathe this [[email protected]#$%^&*]! Just blow her up in a car bomb. I'm tred of this screen hogging leech!

OLTL: John. He sucks the like out of oLTL

Days: Mimi. The character is poorly developed.

PSSNS: TC. He hasn't improved a lick since day one.

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AMC: Jonathan. He killed Edmund and the lame brain tumor excuse that McT tried to use just didn't make sense. Imo, the only reason there was never a trial was because McT knew the evidence didn't exist to support this stupid plot twist. Also, Jeff Branson is hardly on a par with David Canary when it comes to acting ability. Jonathan should be executed onscreen as the residents of Pine Valley debate their feelings on capital punishment.

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Love this. I had to disagree with you about Craig. I got tired of him under Hogan many times, but I love having Criag around. He makes some of the others tolerable for me, but I don't want to see him everyday.

Now mine:

AMC: Krystal Carey - sorry I just don't see the purpose for her.

ATWT: Katie - I think she needs to go for awhile. I am so tired of her. Just go away for awhile anyway.

B&B: Donna - I do not see her purpose at all.

Days: if Stefano & Kristen were there now I would say them. Sorry I know fans want them but I don't see their purpose. Of the ones there now, my choice would be Willow. She needs to be gone like yesterday. I see no purpose for her at all.

GH: sadly I have to say Georgie. I just don't see her purpose and think money could be saved without her. I love her though but just don't see her purpose lately.

GL: since the cast is so small I will say they need all of them right now.

OLTL: well it was Claudia or Spencer but both of them are already leaving so I will say John McBain - no explanation necessary.

Passions: not sure on them. they have been cut alot too so not sure about it

Y&R: really truthfully I think the show could have done without Sheila returning again, but I love the story so far so I will reserve that.

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ATWT- Katie.

She really doesn't serve much of a purpose anymore, especially with both Mike and Simon leaving. It's not like she has that much interaction with Craig and Margo.

B&B- Nick.

Under normal circumstances, I would say Ridge, but at least he's a Forrester. Nick just really isn't needed.

GH- Emily.

This character hasn't been needed in ages. Does she really have a purpose now, aside from just tagging along with Nikolas?

GL- Jeffrey.

Was never needed on the show. I'm surprised he's lasted this long.

Y&R- JT.

He just doesn't fit well with any of the other characters.

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