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Y&R: Fall Previews are here

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I'm most interested in...

The stage is set for the grand opening of the first N.V.P. retreat. With all the interpersonal dynamics in play – Phyllis, Nick, Sharon, Brad, Victoria, Jack, Dru, Neil, Carmen – the event promises to be a night to remember. But after the soiree ends, Nikki gets the biggest surprise of all.

Sharon, having lost Nick and feeling there is no future with Brad, finds solace with Jack. Or is it more?

Ashley, having learned Brad has been living a false life, is deeply mistrustful of Brad and concerned about the implications for Abby.

The stage is set for conflict and intrigue, as Kay and Jill invest their trust in Billy, while Jack enlists his younger brother as his ally in the battle for Jabot. Ashley, caught in the middle, shares the desire to regain Jabot and eliminate Gloria, but fears the legal ramifications of Jack's actions.

Dru's jealousy boils over, and things spin further out of control with Dru, Neil, and Carmen.

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Can we please stop with all the damn battling between the Abbotts and the Fishers? And now, Jack is going to use Katherine and Billy to help him get back Jabot. That is, until the spirit of his late father haunts him to stop these games.

It's official. James E. Reilly is now writing for Y&R.

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SHaron Case is only a couple years younger than Michelle Stafford who has famously been paired with Peter Bergman for years...

The spoilers look decent to me. I like Michael's dark side returning, Ashley and Victoria becoming suspicious of Brad and especially the NVP opening! I'm also interested in where Brad's story is going now. The whole art thing ruined it, but I did like the early spoiler that Granville Global has something to do with it.

The stuff with the Abbott family also seems highly interesting! The only downside is that these writers clearly want to make Jack look like a villian and not that tramp Gloria! Interesting they plan to throw Gloria into the love triangl involving Jill/Will/Ashley! Would be SO FRICKING UNBELIVABLE if if Joan Van Ark was playing the role!

Actually after reading it all, I don't see anything that I'm really upset about. It looks MUCH more interesting than what we have now and I can't wait to see more of Dru and Neil! This is FIERCE!

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Between Jack and Michael, both men are going to wind up getting burned with their pursuit regarding Gloria.

I figured Jack would use about anyone he could to obtain control of Jabot. This isn't the first time he tried to use Katherine to do so...and now Billy is in the mix, which means that Jill will be caught in the crossfire.

Oh, and I can't believe Gloria is going to move from mourning for John to trying to get into Will's wealth...She's nothing but a gold digger trick; I'm going to have to call her black widow if she gets her fangs into Will and she marries him only for him to suddenly die from something. This right here to me shows that Gloria didn't care about John; she was more into his wealth than in his love for her. Now she wants some more cold hard cash?!?

First off, as some said, it would have been better to have seen Sharon going after Jack, instead of going after Brad. I don't like the chemistry that they are going to try to develope between Jack and Sharon, but I could see it coming at some point.

Whoever called it about Jana, two thumbs up. Jana has a motive to her suddenly being interested in Kevin. Fooling with Jana could be Kevin's biggest mess yet.

As much as I can see Michael trying to keep an eye on Gloria, his first priority should be Lauren and their baby. His constant interest in Gloria is going to wind up costing him his marriage; and if Paul is in the mix; Michael can kiss it good-bye if he's not careful.

I hope Victor comes back with a vengence....and Brad is getting exactly what he deserves; all that talk about keeping folks from learning who he really is was bound to slap him in the face. Glad Victor is back to having his doubts about him; and now Ashley. Just wish Victoria will finally wake up and drop him before he gets her in danger again.

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